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Queen Elizabeth ‘snubbed’ Meghan Markle by giving Kate Middleton honor of wearing Royal family jewels

The Royal family attends an event
Unsurprisingly, the Royal family has a pecking order, and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are at the back. Pic credit: ©

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, appeared in public this week wearing a pair of fancy earrings from Queen Elizabeth’s own royal collection, which was seen as a massive honor for the future Queen and a snub to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

On Wednesday night, Kate hosted the Together at Christmas carol concert at Westminister Abbey in London, which was held to honor the unsung heroes of the pandemic while spreading a bit of festive cheer at the same time.

As the Duchess arrived with her husband, William, many eagle-eyed royal experts noted that Kate had received quite the honor herself. She was wearing a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings that had been gifted by none other than her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth.

Royal expert Daniela Elser, writing in News AU, pointed out that the earrings had actually belonged to the Queen Mother before she passed them on to the Queen. What’s more, Elser said this was the second time Kate has worn the jewelry, so Her Majesty likely gifted them permanently. It is a rare honor for anyone to be gifted an heirloom from this particular family.

There are no earrings for Meghan Markle

Elser also pointed out that, apart from the lend of a wedding day tiara, Meghan Markle has received no other jewelry from the Queen and certainly hasn’t been gifted anything to keep.

The royal expert then totally burned the Californian duchess by writing: “[Meghan has] never worn any piece of jewelry from the royal collection. While the former actress might own pieces which had belonged personally to Diana, Princess of Wales, getting to frock up in some enormous sparklers from the royal trove was a perk she never enjoyed.”

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Meghan Markle reportedly banned from royal jewelry collection

In fact, it has been claimed by some that Meghan has been banned by the Queen and Prince William from accessing any jewelry from the Royal collection. The alleged embargo on Meghan reportedly came about because of the wedding day tiara (mentioned above) and an incident referred to as Tiaragate.

In February 2018, Harry accompanied his soon-to-be wife to Buckingham Palace to pick out some wedding jewelry from the Royal collection. Unfortunately, sources differ as to precisely what happened next, but there appears to have been an argument between Harry and royal aides over whether or not Meghan could take the tiara that she chose.

It’s unclear if the argument involved Meghan’s choice of tiara itself or if the aggro came later when she wished to remove the item for a wedding rehearsal. Either way, Harry is reported as having used some offensive language with Royal aides leading to a later rebuke from his grandmother.

The incident also led to the Sussexes being criticized for their “behavior and attitude” and the alleged ban on any other royal jewelry for Meghan.

Harry and Meghan were absent from Wednesday’s carol singing are are not expected to return to England over the Christmas period.

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  1. It seems to me that lot of what the Queen does is not terribly queenly but the typical actions of a typi ally jealous woman. Remove the picture? Not give Meghan any jewelry? C’mon, that’s just a tad childish.

    • Or maybe Kate will be Queen one day so it will all be hers anyway one day. There is no snubbing just people just to stir shit up over it. I’m sure Meghan and Harry would’ve said something like they did about everything else if this was an issue🤷‍♀️

    • Your comments suit the ignorance of the entire article. It’s so much better when people like you keep their mouths shut as opposed to speaking out about things they clearly know nothing about. Proves to the world the old saying: “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.”

    • LMAO…The royal jewels like most of the royal assets are there for the family to use while carrying out “royal duties’ The Sussexes have rejected “royal duties” and as such are not permitted to use assets whose purpose is to be used while performing royal duties.

      If the Sussexes don’t want to do the work they don’t get to use that cool stuff….

    • Brings to my mind: “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, …” (Matthew 7:6) I see no jealousy in the queen’s actions, she may just be protecting herself from Meghan’s childish grabby attitude. She hasn’t been happy with what she has, why give her other precious things to not appreciate?

    • Why give jewerly to someone who is new to the family, has not shown any respect for the family or protocols, left royal duties and speaks gagbage about the family? Why on earth would the Queen at 95, the most respected and successful monarch be jealous of a d rated actress that was on a show no one watched? She is under no obligation to give anyone anything especially when they rejected royal life and responsibilities. You must have that jealous bone to attribute it to the Queen, when this action is understandable to most sane people.

    • Quite true! Meghan always was far down the order of succession in regards to her husband, Prince Charles. It seems that much of their pouting and attacks against the royal family are done out of spite because they are so far down the line. Regardless of personal issues they may feel were not “seemly”, their public attacks against members of the royal family have come across as very inappropriate and sound more like Hollywood celebrities than British Royals. I have been very disappointed in their public conduct. If they wanted to leave the responsibilities behind, that’s fine. They were never going to ascent the throne. Make a life for themselves. All well and good. Just keep private business private!

  2. The Crown Jewels stay in the line of the Kingdom. They can be loaned out but in the end it stays with the leader, which Kate will be. Article is trying to fuel the fire for a pick up. Gross.

  3. Katherine is the mother of and wife of a future monarch, and thus, has special privileges and honors. Meghan assumes she’s being snubbed, but has shown that she has not learned her role and place in the royal family. She is not equal to Katherine in rank. She has proven to be less than noble and a whiner. Harry is either wrapped around her finger or stupid, based upon the poor decisions and behavior they have they have exhibited.

  4. Kate is all class and she and the Queen don’t need words or interviews to let Meghan know her trashy behavior is intolerable. Harry may be weak and pliable but the rest of them are tough.

  5. Crazy thought: perhaps the Queen doesn’t even think about Harry’s wife at all and just does what she wants with her family jewels and lives her own life? Wild, I know! Hard to imagine she has more important things to do than spend every waking moment trying to figure out how to snub the gold digging granddaughter in-law, but it could be so……

  6. Meghan does not deserve to even be a part of the royal family let alone wear any of the Queens jewels, they wanted to be out on their own so she can buy her own jewels, right? and hopefully Harry will realize one day how she trapped him and take his kids and go back to where he belongs..


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