Queen Elizabeth health update: Prince Charles admits things aren’t ‘easy’ for the reigning monarch

Prince Charles with the Queen at an event
Prince Charles has given an update on Queen Elizabeth’s health. Pic credit: ©

Prince Charles has given an update on the health of his mother amid reports that Queen Elizabeth’s health has declined in recent weeks.

The Prince of Wales generally described his 95-year-old mother as “alright” but also commented on her advancing years and joked about his own age.

Last month the Queen entered a London hospital for what Buckingham Palace described as “preliminary investigations.” At the time, there were accusations that the Palace had covered up the monarch’s true condition, and there were calls for more transparency.

She returned home very quickly after being told to rest and has since missed out on numerous events, including the climate summit, COP26 in Glasgow. Most recently, a last-minute decision a sprained back saw her pull out of Sunday’s Remembrance Day ceremony, an event which is seen as hugely important in the UK calendar.

In the meantime, the Queen’s medical advisors have told her to take things easy for the rest of the year and to only engage in “light, desk-based duties.”

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are embarking on their first overseas trip since the start of the pandemic. The pair are traveling through Jordan and Egypt to discuss climate. However, many reporters are also eager to ask the prince about the health of his mother.

Prince Charles says it’s not ‘easy’ at 95

Charles was speaking with reporters from Britain’s Sky News when he was questioned about his mother’s health. The future king said somberly, “she’s alright, thank you very much,” and added, “once you get to 95 – you know, it’s not quite as easy as it used to be.”

Charles then joked, “it’s bad enough at 73,” a reference to his own advancing years. He celebrated his 73rd birthday just last Sunday.

Harry and Meghan will not go to Britain for Christmas

On the other side of the Atlantic, Prince Harry was reportedly sent “into panic mode” when his grandmother was admitted to the hospital. The pair are known to have a very close relationship.

However, Harry and Meghan Markle will not be returning to the UK for Christmas celebrations this year despite receiving an invitation. It’s thought that the logistics of a trip combined with a potential media circus have caused the Sussexes’ to decide to remain in California.

It’s been a tough year for the Queen, and this will be her first Christmas without her husband, Prince Philip, who passed away aged 99 in April.

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