Prince William reportedly told friends Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy was ‘more fun than Kate’

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William reportedly told his friends that Harry’s girlfriend was more fun than Kate Pic credit: ©

Kate Middleton reportedly felt humiliated when she learned that her then-boyfriend Prince William told his friends that Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy was more fun than her.

William and Kate dated on and off for several years before they tied the knot in April 2011. They went through ups and downs, including two breakups. The first breakup was in 2004 and the second in 2007, but they got back together each time.

Kate and William have both avoided commenting about what led to their break up in 2007. However, sources claimed it was due to William’s reluctance to commit himself because he didn’t feel it was the right time for him to get married.

He reportedly appeared dissatisfied with his partner and allegedly told his friends that Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy was “more fun than Kate,” according to Express.

Kate and William broke up in 2007

They eventually broke up in 2007 after media outlets published paparazzi photos showing William partying at nightclubs with girls. Kate felt humiliated by William’s action and they reportedly had a heated exchange.

However, they quickly patched things up. They got engaged in November 2016 and tied the knot on April 29, 2011.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share three children, Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3.

They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in April 2021.

William and Kate met at the University of St. Andrews

The couple met in 2001 when they were students at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews.

William studied geography while Kate studied history.

They reportedly met during their first year at the school when they lived in the same residence hall. They became friends and started dating shortly afterward.

They kept their relationship private during the early years to avoid drawing media attention.

The media nicknamed Kate ‘Waity Katie’

Kate reportedly broke up with William in 2004 after questioning his commitment to their relationship. Tensions between the couple reportedly started when Kate attended William’s 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle.

During the party, William allegedly ignored Kate because he was preoccupied with a pretty girl named Jecca Craig.

The British tabloid media nicknamed Kate “Waity Katie” because she dated William on and off for several years before he eventually proposed in 2016.

Kate reportedly felt ‘taken for granted’ when she dated William

A royal expert claimed that Kate Middleton “felt taken for granted” when she dated Prince William.

In his biography of the Cambridges, William & Catherine: Their Story, royal biographer Andrew Morton claimed that Katie had to put up with William’s often domineering and obstinate behavior.

According to Morton, Kate was often overwhelmed by William’s strong will and felt that she was unfairly treated.

Michael Chong, a friend of the couple, alleged that William was sometimes curt with Kate and disregarded her feelings.

Kate “didn’t like it when he ignored her and got into conversation with someone as though she wasn’t there,” Chong reportedly said.

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