Prince William received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and fans are loving his ripped guns

Prince William at a royal event
Prince William has been vaccinated for COVID-19, and has thanked medical staff workers. Pic credit: ©

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday.

This week, the future King rolled up his shirt sleeve at a vaccination center and was jabbed in his upper arm. And when a picture was released online, many fans were left wondering if the Duke has been working out.

Britain’s vaccine rollout is based on age, with the eldest in society getting their vaccines first. And just like everyone else, Royal Family members have had to wait their turn.

Last week, the British health service began vaccinating those in their 30s, which meant that the 38-year-old Prince was called up for the jab on Tuesday. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is 39, but it’s currently unknown if she has yet been vaccinated.

William’s father, Prince Charles, 72, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73, were vaccinated back in February. The Queen and the late Prince Philip were both vaccinated in January. None of the family members have reported any serious side effects.

The official Twitter account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge confirmed the news on Thursday by tweeting a picture of William getting the jab in his exposed upper arm by an NHS worker.

William also took the opportunity to thank and encourage all who have been working on the “vaccine rollout.”

He wrote: “On Tuesday I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. To all those working on the vaccine rollout – thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do.”

Fans were impressed with Prince William’s muscular arm

Some Prince William fans couldn’t help but notice that the heir to the throne was looking fairly well ripped in the photo posted online.

“Those guns,” wrote one fan followed by an eyes shaped like hearts emoji.

Fan praises William's guns
Pic credit: @dontcomeforme_k/Twitter

To which another fan responded: “Ha ha, I was just thinking he’s looking pretty fit.”

Fan thinks William looks fit
Pic credit: @ladymoomoo95/Twitter

And another fan congratulated Wills on getting the vaccine but joked that they were really just here to see his guns. They wrote: “Everyone talking about the jab and here I am looking at those guns. Well done Wills.”

Fans says they're only here for the guns
Pic credit: @Suligirll/Twitter

Others joked that the guy giving the vaccine must have been nervous about injecting the future King of England. One Twitter user wrote: “Blimey I bet that bloke was nervous.”

Fan jokes that NHS worker must have been nervous
Pic credit: @ALISONSTUART17/Twitter

Prince Charles and William contracted COVID-19 early last year

Charles and William both actually contracted COVID-19 in the spring of 2020. Charles reportedly had mild symptoms and isolated himself at the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Meanwhile, news emerged in November of last year that William had fought off the illness in secret in April 2020.

The Royal family has made every effort to be supportive of all key workers during the pandemic by broadcasting encouraging messages and even visiting hospitals and vaccination centers.

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