Prince William has a fit of the giggles while handing out award at Windsor Castle

Prince William at a royal event
Prince William is known to like a laugh and giggle. Pic credit: ©

After the Christmas break, Prince William has returned to his royal duties but has shown it wasn’t all work and no play as he had a fit of the giggles while handing out awards at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

William was handing out investitures, or awards, to individuals who are considered to have made a worthy contribution to society.

The Duke of Cambridge found himself tickled pink while handing out an MBE award (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) to UK celebrity and fitness guru, Mr. Motivator – real name Derrick Evans.

Mr. Motivator first became a regular on British TV screens back in the 1990s, and the 69-year-old has seen a resurgence in fame during the pandemic. He is well known for his flamboyant outfits, which often include very colorful lycra unitards.

The Prince awarded Mr. Motivator the MBE for services to health and fitness, and the pair exchanged a few words, which caused the future king to burst out laughing and briefly hold his head in his hand.

Thankfully, Mr. Motivator later revealed the joke and what had caused William to start laughing to Britain’s ITV news. According to the awardee, the pair discussed the close connection between mental and physical wellbeing. Mr. Motivator told William that the Prince’s mental health work complemented his own work.

The fitness guru says he told William, “The strong relationship with what you have been pushing, which is all to do with mental fitness, and the physical side, the two things need to merge more.” William apparently agreed with him.

Mr. Motivator then said, “I am looking forward to working with you to make that happen,” to which William supposedly responded, “Do you expect me to wear a unitard?” The guru then says he quipped, “It just so happens I have got one made up for you!”

Could we see Prince William in a unitard?

It seems the thought of donning a tight unitard was just too much for the future king and caused him to start cracking up with laughter. We don’t know for sure if William would actually consider wearing such an outfit, but according to Mr. Motivator, he said that he didn’t think he would look as good as him in a unitard and would probably just leave that side of things to him.

Fingers crossed, the Prince will soon be joining Mr. Motivator for one of his Wednesday classes!

Prince William has always enjoyed a joke with the public

The Duke of Cambridge has always been keen on having a joke with members of the public. On a trip to Scotland last summer, the future King of England was jokingly accused of flirting with older lady Betty, a local care home resident. This caused Betty’s care worker to demand that he “stop flirting with my residents!”

This caused a blushing William to say, “sorry, I’m trying not to,” before rather cheekily adding, “I’m not sure who’s flirting more!” which caused hearty laughs all around.

Around the same time, May 2021, William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, launched their own YouTube Channel, where the pair were able to show off their showbiz skills, which led to Kate mocking William for his pronunciation of Rs. Gentle mocking that William, of course, took with good grace.

Let’s hope we get to see more of the jokey down-to-earth side of William and Kate in the year to come.

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