Prince William apologizes for flirting with an elderly woman in super-cute exchange on Scotland trip

Prince William attends a royal event
Prince William was jokingly accused of flirting with an elderly care home resident in Scotland. Pic credit: ©

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, experienced a super-sweet and comic moment while on tour in Scotland yesterday, when he was accused of flirting with an elderly resident of a care home.

The Duke is currently attending official royal engagements in Edinburgh, Scotland, without his Duchess, Kate Middleton. But thankfully, Kate is set to join William today (May 24) and will be able to keep an eye on his flirtatious behavior.

William is in Scotland to inspect and promote the work done for vulnerable people during the pandemic by charitable communities associated with the Church of Scotland.

Yesterday, William found himself in the company of Betty, who is resident at the Queens Bay Lodge care home. He was then accused by a staff member of the care home of flirting with the older woman. And he had a cheeky response.

‘Stop flirting with my residents’ scolds care worker

Unfortunately, it’s currently unknown exactly what the future King of England said to earn him the accusation, but in footage posted to Instagram, we can overhear an off-camera care worker say to the Prince with humor (but also rather sternly), “Could you stop flirting with my residents?”

William appeared to blush a little and then sweetly responded with: “Sorry, I’m trying not to,” before rather cheekily adding, “I’m not sure who’s flirting more!” It was all in good fun, and everyone laughed heartily.

Fans online praised Prince William for his ‘compassion’ and ‘good character’

William has received lots of online praise for his interaction with the public on his Scotland visit. Many on Twitter praised him on how he has conducted himself like a future king and how his late mother, Princess Diana, would be proud of him.

One fan wrote that William always shows compassion and will be an “awesome king.” They wrote: “William always shows such compassion, he never looks down on anyone or out of place, sitting there on a plastic chair, he’s going to make an awesome King. Diana would have been so proud.”

Twitter user says William will be awesome king
Pic credit: HelenJF1969/Twitter

Another Twitter user admitted that they weren’t usually a big royal fan but that they thought William has “good character.” They wrote: “I’m generally not a royal fan, but I must say I do like William, he’s a good character. Not snooty, not rude, just a nice man in general, a pleasure to watch.”

Twitter user praises William's "character"
Pic credit: @Fay44704371/Twitter

William was not just at the care home to eat ice cream and chat with staff and residents but to promote the work of CrossReach, which operates the care home and supports over “10,000 people in Scotland living in challenging situations.”

He was also promoting the work of the Grassmarket Community charity, which aims to help “vulnerable people through community innovation and social enterprise.” William also took the time to inspect a Guard of the Boys’ Brigade.

Last week, Prince William released a somewhat angry statement when he condemned journalists at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for their “deceitful” conduct in securing an interview with his mother, Princess Diana, in 1995. He said they had let his mother down and let the public down too.

Earlier last week, William received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, and he turned some heads in the process as he showed off some well-ripped upper arm muscles.

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Judy hartney
Judy hartney
2 years ago

I belive that Prince William will make a wonderful King. He has the same compassion and love for the people as his mother Princes Diana did. God Bless.