Prince Harry may not attend Prince Charles’ coronation in protest of Queen Camilla’s crowning

Prince Harry
Prince Harry may not see his father, Prince Charles, take the throne so that he can avoid Camilla when she is coronated alongside Charles. Pic credit: ©

All eyes are on Prince Harry as the royal family prepares to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June. Harry recently visited his grandmother despite previous concerns for his security and expressed a desire to come back to the UK for the Jubilee.

However, sources believe that Harry may not be so willing to return to watch Prince Charles become the king due to his feelings toward the new Queen Consort, Camilla Parker Bowles.

It’s no secret that Charles’ feelings for Camilla caused many problems throughout his relationship with Diana, including their divorce. Royal sources believe that Harry may still have hard feelings for his stepmother due to her own treatment of him after Diana’s passing and the struggles that his parents went through throughout their marriage.

Prince Harry’s rocky relationship with Camilla

An excerpt from Private Eye, a best-selling magazine that focuses on current affairs with a mix of jokes and investigative journalism, notes that Harry wouldn’t want to see Camilla be crowned in the same place as Diana’s funeral occurred.

Despite the Queen’s blessing for Camilla to be named Queen Consort, sources are certain that Harry doesn’t share the same desires.

Harry kept silent when the Queen gave her blessing to Camilla earlier this year. Though some believe he may just be busy living his own life away from the royal family, others believe it’s more personal.

As previously reported, it is believed that Harry dislikes Camilla so much that he “can’t stand” her. Although he has historically been tight-lipped about their relationship, there are worries that he will take aim at his stepmother in his upcoming book.

It seems quite clear that Harry does not want Camilla to be Queen, and it is believed that he felt outcasted by his stepmother after Diana’s passing.

Prince Harry struggled with the loss of Princess Diana

Following the loss of his mother, Harry struggled with his studies at school and with his temper. The young prince was frequently in many fights that became physical throughout his school years.

Although some believe that joining the Army really helped Harry from succumbing to his temper, he still had a lot of work to do before he could settle down and truly get control of himself.

Throughout this time, it was made very clear that Harry hated living the royal lifestyle and wanted out. Meghan Markle gave Harry the willpower to leave the royal family and start a new life in the United States, which he greatly enjoys.

Although it appears that Harry still struggles with his relationship with his stepmother, the father of two believes his late mother is guiding him through parenthood just as she did his brother William before him. While Harry works to repair his family relations, he seems content knowing that Diana is with him in spirit.

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