Prince Harry is still looking out for Queen Elizabeth, says visit was ‘great’

Prince Harry
Prince Harry gushed about his visit with Queen Elizabeth. Pic credit: ©

Although Prince Harry officially left his royal duties in February 2021, he hasn’t lost his sense of responsibility for his family, especially his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Harry and Meghan Markle stopped by Windsor on their way to the Netherlands and had tea with Queen Elizabeth. Though many of the details of their conversation have been kept private, Harry has opened up a little bit about his time there.

Following his visit, he said, “Being with her, it was great,” and that it was “just so nice to see her.” Along with enjoying his time with her, he confirmed that she’s in “great form.”

Prince Harry wants to maintain support and security for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has had many health scares over the last several months, including an overnight stay in the hospital in October. The Queen’s activity has been restricted as she is no longer to ride horses and has not been seen walking her corgis at Windsor.

In February this year, she contracted COVID-19, which sent many people into a panic as they were not sure if the Queen would survive the virus or if she would be able to maintain her health.

Many were concerned for the Queen’s health after it was announced that she would not be attending Easter services on Sunday, but Harry told TODAY they had a great visit with her and she was doing well.

He added that although he lives in California now, he is making efforts to make sure that Queen Elizabeth is secure, supported, and protected.

Harry said that their visit mostly focused on the Invictus Games as the Queen has messages to pass along for the UK team, but he shared some more personal details from the visit as well.

Prince Harry says he makes Queen Elizabeth laugh

Not only was the Queen doing great while Harry and Meghan visited, but Harry revealed that she has kept up with her sense of humor as well.

He said that “she’s always got a great sense of humor with me,” and revealed that he was able to make her laugh again during his visit.

He chuckled and added, “It was really nice to catch up with her.”

As the Queen grows older in age and seems to struggle with declining health, time is of the essence for Harry to see his grandmother. His visit with Queen Elizabeth may be one step forward in the long process of mending things with his family.

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