Prince Charles pays tribute to postal workers in emotional and heartfelt video message

Prince Charles attends a Royal event
Prince Charles has paid tribute to Britain’s Royal Mail workers in an emotional video message. Pic credit: ©

The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has taken the time to thank the thousands of postal workers across Britain in a heartfelt and emotional video message.

The Prince offered his thanks to the employees of the Royal Mail (Britain’s national mail service), which boasts over 150,000 employees and has been in operation for an incredible 500 years.

Charles gave his “heartfelt and inadequate thanks” to all the postie’s who he said have kept the kingdom connected throughout the “most difficult of times” during the pandemic.

He also described how the Royal Mail was an important lifeline for the vulnerable, lonely, and those who have to self-isolate, and said, “My profound appreciation to you all for continuing to work so incredibly hard in every corner of this land.”

The future king also spoke about how he’d been impressed with the determination shown by the postal workers who have, in recent months, faced the triple whammy of poor weather conditions, colleagues off sick, and a massive increase in the number of parcels needing delivery.

Charles told them that they “delivered hope through the letterbox” before documenting how the Royal Mail has directly influenced the fight against COVID-19 by delivering “one billion items of personal protective equipment” to nurses and doctors. He also thanked them for delivering countless coronavirus tests and essential medication.

Charles said country would be ‘lost’ without postal workers

The Prince finished up the moving message by telling the workers they are “utterly vital” and “we would be lost without you.”

The video message only came to light after the Royal Mail tweeted it out on Tuesday afternoon. The video showed images of postal workers carrying out their duties across the UK as the Prince delivered his message remotely.

The postal workers thanked his Royal Highness for the message, “We’d like to say a huge thank you to HRH The Prince of Wales for taking the time to record such an incredibly heartfelt video; recognizing the hard work and dedication of everyone here at Royal Mail.”

Fans on Twitter praised Prince Charles and postal workers

Folks on Twitter immediately showed their appreciation for the Prince’s message and the work that postal workers do.

One Twitter user agreed wholeheartedly with the Prince; they wrote, “Well said and all so true. The Royal Mail is an exceptional service and has kept this country going through adversity. Love my Royal Mail carrier too.”

Twitter user writes that Royal Mail is exceptional
Pic credit: @jane_heather/Twitter

Another Twitter user said their son is a postal worker and had helped to deliver COVID-19 tests. They wrote, “Thank you, Sir. My son is a postie 300 miles away. Part of his job is collecting the COVID test packets. We are very proud of him and his total dedication.”

Pic credit: @lynthearcher/Twitter

In other Royal news this week, Prince William gave an update on his grandfather’s condition yesterday when he said Prince Philip is “doing okay.” The Duke of Cambridge made the comment while he was touring a vaccination center in Norfolk, in the east of England.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, surprised a women’s refuge charity in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend when they sent aid to help with repairs to a roof damaged in last week’s winter storm.

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