Pokimane’s apology explained: Here’s why YouTuber made her video apologizing to fans

Pokimane speaks on her apology video
Pokimane posted a lengthy YouTube video where she apologized for her past indiscretions. Pic credit: Pokimane/ YouTube

YouTuber Imane “Pokimane” Anys has posted a video to her channel where she has apologized for all her past indiscretions.

Pokimane left social media back in August, saying that she was “burnt out” and needed a break. She blamed the COVID pandemic for having a negative effect on her mental health.

She explained that quarantine had meant she was unable to do the things she enjoyed most, like visiting family and attending conventions. Therefore, she said she was taking a month off.

But now she’s back, and with only two weeks passed since she left. And she surprised many by returning with a 15-minute YouTube video she titled “my overdue apology.”

What is Pokimane’s apology video about?

Pokimane started the vid by saying: “I know this video is long overdue… I honestly should not have taken any time off before acknowledging or addressing or apologizing for these things.”

She went on to address various arguments with other YouTubers in recent years.

Most of the controversy stems from 2018 after Pokimane and fellow YouTuber, Keemstar, argued on Twitter.

Another YouTuber called Bowblax seems to have then exacerbated the situation by uploading screenshots of the online clash onto his own YouTube channel.

Pokimane then managed to upset Bowblax by getting YouTube to take down his video by citing copyright infringement. This incident led to Pokimane getting a reputation as someone who “takes down others” videos.

This is a big deal in the YouTube community, where any form of censorship is taboo. However, she claims that she is “fully supportive [of] transformative content” and that she has “learned from my [her] mistakes.”

Bowblax said he accepted Pokimane’s apology

Bowblax tweeted that he accepts Pokimane’s apology, but he also uploaded a video where he explained why she annoys him so much.

He also said that he had forgiven her last year but that she didn’t change her ways. He added: “We gotta give people chances to improve.”

Bowblax tweet accepting Pokemane apology
Pic credit: @bowblax/ Twitter
Bowblax criticising Pokemane
Pic credit: Bowblax/ Twitter

The second incident Pokimane addressed in her apology involved YouTuber ItsAGundam. She pointed to a video where ItsAGundam mocked the physical appearance of Pokimane and a fan.

She said his behavior angered her, and she did not respond well to the incident.

“I made some remarks I shouldn’t have, and that I’m very sorry for. I’ve been mocked countless times for my appearance; it just felt so unfair to see that happen to an innocent fan… I got really got up in that feeling, and I was so bothered.”

She also addressed previous occasions when she used inappropriate language, such as using the n-word in a video seven years ago. On this, she impressed on her fans that there was no ill intention behind her use of the word.

She added: “I really wish I could go back in time or change the past. Unfortunately, I can’t.”

Keemstar put Pokimane’s apology to Twitter’s opinion

Keemstar decided to do a quick Twitter poll of his fans to see what they thought of Pokimane’s apology. Needless to say, they weren’t too impressed.

Keemstar tweet attacking Pokemane
Pic credit: @KEEMSTAR/ Twitter

Check out Pokimane’s apology yourself below.

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