Gabbie Hanna is not dead: A death hoax claims the YouTuber died from suicide

Gabbie Hanna not dead
A fake story claim YouTuber Gabbie Hanna is dead but she is still alive. Pic credit: Gabbie Hanna/YouTube

Social media star Gabbie Hanna has been targeted in a death hoax with a fake TMZ headline circulating online, which reads: “Youtuber Gabbie Hanna dead at 29.”

No such article exists on TMZ but it has made its way on social media with many users paying their condolences or using her “death” to defend her against criticism.

Gabbie Hanna is a controversial YouTube star with many of her past controversies resurfacing.

Gabbie Hanna did not jump to her death

There are no reports confirming the story that Gabbie Hanna jumped to her death from a 16th story condo. The story appears to come from a fake tweet that porports to be a suicide note. It reads:

“Goodbye, are you happy? Is that what you fu**king wanted? For me to leave? How was laughing at the fact I could possibly die? I no longer desire to be here. For the final time, goodbye.”

One Twitter user pointed out the tweet must be fake as Hanna had already deactivated her Twitter account.

Gabbie Hanna deletes her Instagram and Twitter following apparent emotional breakdown

Gabbie Hanna’s death hoax seems to have caught on as the YouTuber deleted most of her social media accounts a few days ago following an apparent emotional breakdown.

Many fans who shared the fake TMZ headline speculated that she committed suicide due to online bullying.

Hanna recently released several hour-long videos on her second channel claiming that she has been shadow banned on YouTube with many of her followers reacting negatively to the claims.

On her main channel, Hanna released another video over a month ago seemingly having an emotional breakdown, saying in a pinned caption:

“People often question why I didn’t make a video response when everything first happened. This is why. At this time in my life, my main and only focus was to regain my mental health and not allow myself to reach a place of self-harm.

“Difficult emotions take a lot of time, patience, energy, and thought to process and heal from. Thank you for being a supportive community that can hold space for me and isn’t afraid to see me when I feel most vulnerable.”

Hanna was accused of supporting Curtis Lepore after he was accused of raping Jessi Smiles. She also deleted all her videos with Shane Dawson after backlash from fans following his blackface and Willow Smith controversy.
Trisha Paytas also made a video accusing Gabbie Hanna of spreading rumors that she had herpes.
Gabbie Hanna had yet to respond to the death hoax at the time of writing.

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everleigh miller
everleigh miller
3 years ago

gabbie hanah is my fav yter