Pinky Curvy death: Isadora Nieves Cruz, Puerto Rican Instagram model killed in drive-by shooting

Pinky Curvy on Instagram
Pinky Curvy (Isadora Nieves Cruz) was killed in a drive-by shooting on Saturday. Pic credit: @isadoranievez/Instagram

Isadora Nieves Cruz, also known as Pinky Curvy, a popular Puerto Rican Instagram model famous for posting glam photos and selfies of herself on social media, has died.

According to reports by multiple Spanish language news sources, including WAPA-TV and El Nuevodia, Pinky Curvy died October 17 after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

The vehicle in which she was riding, a Toyota Tacoma truck, came under fire while traveling on Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

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Edwin Rivera Perez, 23, the driver of the vehicle, also suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the legs and arms, but ultimately survived the incident.

Pinky Curvy and Perez, who is reported to be her partner, left a restaurant in Hato Rey around 10:00 p.m. when their truck received gunfire from passengers in a red Hyundai Accent.

Surveillance video shows the moment Perez stopped the truck after the shots were fired. He can be seen jumping out of the vehicle and stumbling into a nearby building.

Photos of the bullet-riddled truck later surfaced online. The pavement on the passenger side of the vehicle was bloodstained.

According to El Nuevodia, police investigators believed that the circumstances of the shooting suggest that Pinky Curvy was the intended target.

A police source said that most of the damage the Toyota Truck sustained was on the passenger side of the vehicle where Pinky Curvy was riding.

Pinky Curvy (Isadora Nieves Cruz)
Pic credit: @isadoranievez/Instagram

The latest development comes after rapper Tory Lanez was charged with shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Rapper FBG Duck was also shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Chicago in August.

Pinky Curvy was arrested last year on drug charges

Pinky Curvy’s death comes after her arrest in February 2019 along with 75 other individuals on drug trafficking charges.

She turned herself in and was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of being part of a drug trafficking gang, according to El Nuevodia.

She was reportedly under parole at the time of the shooting, WAPA-TV reported.

She claimed she was innocent of the charges and that she was linked with the case through an ex-boyfriend who was involved with the gang.

A police source that spoke with El Nuevodia said investigators suspected that the shooting was linked to the drug trafficking case.

Who was Pinky Curvy?

Pinky Curvy, whose real name was Isadora Nieves Cruz, was born in Puerto Rico.

She was an Instagram model and influencer.

Pinky Curvy started her Instagram account in 2014 and amassed more than 336,000 followers on the social media platform alone.

She was also an entrepreneur who managed her own boutique and a line of cosmetic products.

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