New Beyonce song may be inspiring fans to quit their jobs

Beyonce on the red carpet
Fans think Beyonce is telling them to quit their jobs in her latest single, Break My Soul. Pic credit: ©

Superstar Beyonce released a new single this week, and many fans say the lyrics are inspiring them to quit their jobs.

The 40-year-old artist dropped Break My Soul on Monday evening, which is the first single from her brand new studio album Renaissance, and the dance house track has reportedly gone down a storm with fans.

However, the song’s lyrics may actually be encouraging fans to wave goodbye to employment.

The track features the line: “Now, I just fell in love, and I just quit my job, I’m gonna find new drive, damn, they work me so damn hard.”

Many hardworking fans instantly jumped on these lyrics believing that Beyonce is now an advocate of the “Great Resignation.”

Fans think Beyonce is telling them to quit their jobs

Many fans instantly took to Twitter asking for clarification of the lyrics and also to profess a willingness to do as the great Beyonce suggests.

“Is she telling us to quit our jobs?? Because I will, Beyoncé, I will!” declared one fan.

And another actually claimed that they had already quit their post after listening to the song: “beyoncé said ‘quit your job’ on her new song and i guess i took it very seriously cause… i no longer work at ikea.”

Beyonce fan tweets they quit job
Pic credit: @mynameiszero_/Twitter

Some fans expressed excitement over the prospect of employees telling their bosses that Beyonce told them to quit: “Very excited for the people who are going to cite Beyoncé in their resignation letters. It might become my favorite genre.”

Tweet about quitting over Beyonce's song
Pic credit: @tonightatomic/Twitter

One tweeter went so far as to accuse the hitmaker of being directly responsible for mass resignation: “BREAKING: Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’ identified as source of The Great Resignation.”

Tweeter says Beyonce causing Great Resignation
Pic credit: @theliamcredmond/Twitter

Another fan joked that they couldn’t quit their job after spending $50. They wrote: “Not Beyoncé telling me to quit my job.. Not after making me pay $50 for that mystery box.”

The Great Resignation refers to the large number of Americans who’ve jacked in their job over the last 12 months. This has led to a scenario where there are now more job openings than job seekers. According to CNN, this is due to many factors but primarily comes down to people changing priorities during the pandemic.

Beyonce’s Break My Soul features vocals from Big Freedia

Break My Soul is a dancy tune that features heavy sampling from the 1993 hit Show Me Love by Robin S and vocals from Big Freedia. Rapper Big Freedia took to Twitter to thank “Queen Beyonce,” writing, “I’m so honored to be apart of this special moment.”

Check out the great Beyonce‘s Break My Soul below.

The track will undoubtedly be a great success for the artist, but fingers crossed that her fans will be able to afford her album after they’ve ditched their jobs.

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