Beyonce shows off perfect figure in tight red latex from Ivy Park Valentine’s Day collection

Beyonce Knowles is seen in New York City.
Beyonce showed off some more items from her Ivy Park collection for Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: ©

Beyonce gave fans some more eye candy recently when she posted some Valentine-themed pics to her Instagram page.

The singer and film actress, 40, wore sizzling red latex pants paired with a red sweater to continue the promotion of her Ivy Park clothing line.

Beyonce looked fit and toned in the second-skin pants and she made sure to show off her behind and the sweater’s heart-shaped, upper-back cut-out by posing coyly with her backside facing the camera and her head tilted over one shoulder.

Some gorgeous, sparkly, heart-shaped earrings dangled down to her shoulders and she held an apple-shaped purse in her hand.

Beyonce displayed her fashion sense while modeling some stunning clothes from her new line

Bey made sure to show off more than one ensemble from the clothing line, sharing several more snaps of herself modeling various attire.

Kicking her legs up inside what looked like a private jet, the singer also wowed in some more relaxed items, going casual chic in a red sweatshirt and matching jogging pants.

Before showing off her final, and showiest, outfit Beyonce gave a close-up of her perfectly manicured nails, which were filed to oval tips and were practically dripping with pink polish and heart sticker embellishments.

For the final two shots, Beyonce absolutely slayed as she walked down the staircase of the jet wearing a tight-fitted, velvety pink dress complete with off-the-shoulder long sleeves and matching pink heels.

Beyonce has shown off her figure and Ivy Park clothes a lot in recent weeks

The singer has taken a lot of time recently to promote Ivy Park and has had fans begging for more with her sudden influx of posts.

She switched up her hairstyle a bit for a post made a couple of weeks ago, donning what appeared to be a blonde wig for a series of shots as she wore more latex and went through multiple outfit changes.

One week prior to that, Beyonce put on a red velvet tracksuit, much like the one she was seen wearing in her most recent Instagram pics, showing off her abs and some skin in a bralette underneath the open-zippered jacket.

While she appears to be quite busy running and showing off items from Ivy Park, the singer is rumored to have new music in the works as well.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Bey seemed to confirm that she was working on something, saying, “Yes, the music is coming!” while also telling the magazine that she has been in the studio in the last year.

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