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New angle shows Jada Pinkett Smith laughed when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars

Jada Pinkett Smith at the Paramount Pictures' Premiere Of "Gemini Man" held at TCL Chinese Theatre.
A new video has surfaced that shows Jada apparently laughing after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock Sunday night. Pic credit: ©

As the world continues to reel from the drama that surrounded the Oscars on Sunday night, a new video has surfaced that may put Jada Pinkett Smith in a less-than-positive light.

Hollywood was left shocked at the ceremony last weekend after Will Smith took offense to a joke Chris Rock made regarding Jada being in G.I. Jane 2 due to her bald head, which is from the medical condition alopecia.

Will first was seen laughing just before storming the stage to give the comedian a smack across the face before huffing back to his seat.

Will then proceeded to shout obscenities at Chris after retreating to his chair while Chris appeared to be dumbfounded and managed to maintain his composure and continue announcing the winner for Best Documentary.

Jada could be seen chuckling immediately after her husband hit Chris

While more and more news has continued to trickle out regarding the incident, some internet sleuths managed to dig up a previously-unseen video clip that clearly showed Jada throwing her head back to laugh after Will hit Chris.

A Twitter user shared the clip online, pointing out that Jada looked to have taken the whole thing with humor instead of disdain for her husband’s choice in behavior.

The comments came pouring in, with some people saying they didn’t really see what Jada’s reaction was as she had her back to the camera that had taken the video.

Users were quick to point out that it looked like Jada was chuckling as Will marched back to his seat and never reached over to console him or admonish him for the attack.

“She’s laughing her head off,” wrote one person in response to someone else posing a question about what they were supposed to be seeing in the clip.

Pic credit: @ItsjustmeAliD/Twitter

Another user said “Well, she laughed at an incredibly embarrassing outburst. If my wife or girlfriend made a scene like that at one of my work banquets, laughter wouldn’t be my reaction. But that’s just me….” in reply to the confusion.

Pic credit: @palousepuma/Twitter

Chris Rock spoke about his challenge with controlling his temper with bullies two months ago

Although Will Smith apologized to the Academy and the crowd upon winning his Best Actor Oscar for King Richard Sunday night, and then shared an apology directed to Chris on Instagram later on, details regarding the assault continue to come out.

While the Academy has recently claimed that its members did request that Will immediately leave following the slap, alleging that he refused to do so, it still remains uncertain as to what the repercussions may be, with options ranging from expulsion to suspension.

Another bit of information that came to light this week was an oddly-premonitory interview Chris Rock did with fellow comedians Dana Carvey and David Spade.

Chris discussed with the hosts how he was mercilessly bullied as a child, getting beaten up often for being “small and black.”

After taking the physical assaults multiple times, Chris revealed that he decided one day to pack a heavy brick inside his backpack in order to defend himself the next time he was attacked.

He got his chance and said he took a solid swing at the bully, knocking him to the ground and proceeding to stomp on his face.

The incident prompted him to seek therapy and he said that it was through that hard work that he learned to control his temper and take things in stride.

Chris finally broke his silence about the Oscars drama, telling a crowd in Boston on Wednesday that he was “still processing” what happened with Will while maintaining his stance that he did not desire to discuss it beyond that.

Chris will be traveling around the entire country in the next two months as he continues his tour dates.

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  1. It was reported that Jada laughed when Will smacked Chris. My conclusion is that this continues to be another Holly-weird family that I hope to never see or hear about ever again. I continue to love Chris Rock…even more.


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