Chris Rock refuses to talk about Will Smith Oscars slap as he arrives in Boston to kick off Ego Death World Tour

Chris Rock
Chris Rock isn’t talking about Will Smith or the Oscars. Pic credit: ©

Chris Rock has been spotted for the first time since he was slapped in the face by Will Smith at the Oscars on Sunday night.

The 57-year-old comedian touched down in Boston on Tuesday to kick off his new Ego Death World Tour, and while there were plenty of questions about what happened at the Oscars and how he felt about it, Rock remained silent.

While Will Smith has already issued an official apology on his social media channels and his wife Jada broke her silence with a cryptic Instagram post, it seems the only one not talking about what happened on Sunday night is the guy who got slapped, Chris Rock.

Even his brother Tony has spoken out to let the public know how he feels about Smith’s apology after the fact.

Ever since the slap heard around the world, Chris Rock has seen ticket prices skyrocket, and venues sell out. It has even been reported that more tickets were sold on the day after the Oscars than they’d seen sold in the past month.

Now, the big question is whether Rock will address the slap on stage at his show on Wednesday night.

Chris Rock arrives in Boston for Ego Death World Tour

Chris Rock’s new world tour begins on Wednesday night with the first live shows in Boston, and his fans want to know if he’ll be speaking out about the Will Smith Oscars slap when he takes the stage.

The comedian was spotted arriving in Boston to prepare for the kickoff around 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening and was said to be looking somber as he kept his head down, hidden under a baseball hat while wearing a jacket over a hoodie while waiting on a car to pick him up.

Rock refused to answer any questions about what happened at the Oscars as he quickly was whisked away in a waiting vehicle.

Ticket prices and sales have skyrocketed since Will Smith Oscars slap

Those hoping to see Chris Rock during his Ego Death World Tour should secure their tickets as soon as possible. After all, venues are quickly selling out, and ticket prices are going up.

Stub Hub reported that they have seen a huge increase in ticket sales since the incident, with claims that interest in the string of shows has gone up so much that they are selling 25 times more tickets than before Sunday night.

All six of Rock’s Boston shows are now sold out, and those who want to attend will have to purchase seats through third-party distributors, with an increase in prices.

A spokesperson for Stub Hub told The Hollywood Reporter that, while a small spike just before the show dates is normal, the increase in ticket sales that has been seen over the last few days is “incredibly unusual.”

Many are hoping that Rock will address the slap on stage during his shows, and while Oscars viewers and celebrities alike are still arguing about who was right and who was wrong on Sunday night, it’s pretty clear that Chris Rock is coming out the winner with his well-timed tour.

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