Model Kate Bock and Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love are engaged

Kate Bock and Kevin Love on the red carpet
Kate Bock and Kevin Love took to Instagram to announce their engagement. Pic credit: ©

Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock and NBA star Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers are engaged to be married.

The happy couple announced the news on Sunday night as they each posted a series of adorable photos to Instagram.

And it seems that the Cavalier proposed to Kate on her 33rd birthday, which was on Saturday.

In an Instagram post informing her 773,000 followers, Kate wrote: “Well, this was the best birthday surprise I could have ever imagined.”

“I couldn’t be happier to have been asked to be a Love by my love.” She added: “Heart bursting all day and night.”

Kate added three black and white photos, which told a short and lovely story. The first one show’s her overcome with emotion after opening a box to find a ring.

The second pic shows her trying on the ring, and the third portrays the couple sharing a passionate kiss with a dazzling diamond ring.

Kate and Kevin posted adorable pics to Instagram

Kevin posted the same picture to his Instagram and included a quote from the poet N. R. Hart: “Souls tend to go back to who feels like home.” He added: “My Fiance. The Joy of My Life.”

Celebrities rushed to congratulate Kate Bock and Kevin Love

The pair were instantly bombarded by well wishes from fans and celebrities alike.

Kate’s fellow model, Camila Alves McConaughey, was among the first to send their congratulations: “Haaa!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Huhuuu!!!!! My heart is full of joy for you guys!”

The editor in chief at Sports Illustrated, M. J. Day, also congratulated Kate with an emotional message and even offered to perform the wedding in her role as an ordained minister.

She wrote: “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. AM SCREAMING DO YOU HEAR ME! I’m also an ordained minister. Just saying. It’s perfection. Classic and stunning and MAJOR just like YOU!!!!!!! Love you so much I could die of happiness for you both.” Which was followed by a succession of heart and crying emojis.

Brazilian model Daniela Braga joined in the celebrations “congrats, baby! I am so happy for you! The best feeling ever!!! Welcome to the club!!! Haha.”

Meanwhile, over on Kevin’s Instagram, he was congratulated by basketball stars across the nation. Detroit Pistons Wayne Ellington wrote: “congratulations, mu guy!!!” And Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz wrote: “yesssssssssirrr Congrats Brother!!! ❤️”

Love and Bock were also reportedly congratulated by former teammates LeBron James and Tristan Thompson.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnie, was also quick to respond with: “LOVE YOU BOTH!!! Congrats!!” And Maria Shriver wrote: “Oh how wonderful love that so happy for you.”

The couple has been dating since 2016 after meeting at separate photoshoots that involved the same photographer.

Bock is best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since 2013.

The 32-year-old basketball player has been with the Cavs since 2014, but he’s currently not playing due to an injury, which might explain why his mind drifted to thoughts of marriage.

Also, in the news this morning, Meghan Markle has revealed that the Royal Palace were the ones who decided to remove her name Rachel Meghan from her son Archie’s birth certificate.

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