Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t understand everybody’s ‘crazy’ obsession with his short shorts

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Milo Ventimiglia has expressed confusion over the internet’s obsession with his shorts. Pic credit: ©

This Is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia put all of his thirsty fans on blast. In a recent conversation, he expressed confusion at the viral reaction to an April 2021 snap of him wearing shorts.

In this paparazzi snap, the 44-year-old star was caught leaving the gym in West Hollywood. Ventimiglia was wearing a Metallica graphic tee with the sleeves rolled up and tucked in, showing off his muscles. He paired the tee with a pair of black short shorts.

Twitter users were unable to hold back their thirst as they tweeted their flirty comments about the actor. Now, months later, Ventimiglia has responded to the wave of attention.

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Ventimiglia addresses his shorts

Chatting with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the California-born actor said that he didn’t expect fans to have commentary on his outfit — nonetheless, the visceral reaction that they had. He stated that he had “no idea” it would become such a spectacle.

“So, when I work out, I’m with my trainer Jason Walsh, and we’re just you know, kind of meatheads, throwing around a lot of weight. And when I work out, I kind of pull my shorts up,” Ventimiglia explained.

He added: “When I left the gym and the photograph got taken and then it went bananas—it went crazy. Literally crazy. Like broke the Internet crazy.”

He went on to state that he wasn’t wearing “short shorts,” they just appeared as such due to them getting “stuck.” Ventimiglia further expressed, “And they’re like, ‘Oh my god, Milo wears short shorts, it’s the summer of short shorts.”

Calling out the press, he added, “There’s all these articles about Milo and his short shorts. And I’m just like, guys, they were actually really normal length. I just have, kind of meaty thighs, and I pulled them up and I walked out, and they stuck.”

Ventimiglia gets emotional about This Is Us

In the same interview, things got emotional as Ventimiglia addressed the sixth and final season of This Is Us. The actor shared a sweet story about the bond between him and his on-screen wife, Mandy Moore.

Ventimiglia shared, “Right before the show premiered, we were in New York for the upfronts, the big advertiser conference, and everybody was kind of milling about. Mandy and I were just, like, off to the side by ourselves.”

He continued to say, “We just kind of raised our glasses to one another. We almost took vows with one another where it was like, hey, I promise to always communicate. I promise to not be happy until you’re happy. I will always look out for you. And all that.”

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore Made Vows to Each Other Before This Is Us | The Tonight Show

This Is Us Season 6 premiered on January 4, 2022.

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