Meghan Markle told a friend after she started dating Prince Harry that her ‘ultimate ambition was to be president’

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex
Meghan Markle told a friend that the U.S. presidency is her ultimate ambition. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, reportedly told a close friend that her “ultimate ambition” was to become the president of the United States, a source has claimed.

Royal watcher Richard Eden told Mail+’s Palace Confidential that Markle, 39, shared her aspiration to become U.S. president with a close friend after she started dating Prince Harry.

“A very good source said even after Meghan had started going out with Prince Harry, she had said that her ultimate ambition was to be president,” Eden said, according to Express. “It seems to be increasingly likely and what a fascinating prospect it would be.”

Markle will have to carve an identity for herself outside the Royal Family

Royal watcher Victoria Murphy said it would be “absolutely extraordinary” if Meghan did become president of the United States, but she did not see it as something that could happen in the “near future.”

Murphy added that the present challenge facing the Sussexes’ is how to carve an identity for themselves independent of their links with the Royal Family. However, their legacy could radically change if Meghan becomes U.S. President.

Royal watchers will likely interpret Eden’s claim as evidence that even before she married Prince Harry, Meghan had other visions for her future outside the Royal Family.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams agreed that Markle could have a political career in “future years” because she is a U.S. Citizen. He added that she is a “very articulate activist” who has been involved in activism for years.

Markle has been networking with top Democrats

The latest claim about Markle’s alleged presidential ambition comes after Monster and Critics reported earlier in March that multiple sources claimed she wants to become the first female president of the United States.

One of the sources, a former member of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration said to have Washington links, told the Daily Mail that Markle wanted to use the publicity generated by the Oprah interview to promote her political career ambitions.

According to the source, Meghan has started networking with Democrats to build a campaign and fundraising team.

The sources claimed that Markle was eyeing 2024 based on the expectation that Biden might be unable to run for a second term due to advanced age.

Royal expert Omid Scobie and Markle’s friends also claimed she wanted to be president

Omid Scobie, a royal expert, who co-authored the book Finding Freedom, claimed Markle had her “eyes set” on becoming president and that she might one day fulfill her ambition.

A close friend of Meghan also told Vanity Fair that Meghan refused to give up her U.S. citizenship when she moved to the U.K. because she was considering a future political career and that she wanted to run for president.

Markle and Harry recently hired Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election campaign adviser

Speculation that Markle has presidential ambitions and that she could be laying the groundwork for a future political career received a further boost following recent reports that she hired Genevieve Roth, a former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser.

Roth also worked with the Obamas on their Let Girls Learn initiative, Monsters and Critics reported.

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2 years ago

So funny, imagine if this skank was president, we live in a crazy world

2 years ago

We fought a war over this. Won’t happen, Markle, now that you are a Duchess and married to Prince Harry, 6th in line to the throne. Should have thought of that when you got him into bed.

2 years ago

Markle got what she wanted the from marrying Harry. His pedigree serves her purposes right now. If he was Harry from any middle class profession she would have never even looked at him. She’s too thin skinned to run for the presidency. Never would survive the negative press. And no one would ever vote for her especially after the Oprah interview. By the way, she is no better than Trump when it comes to egos. She claims to be a caring liberal as long as all the recognition and praise goes to her. She is a master at acting and manipulating. This country doesn’t need either of them.