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Meghan Markle may want to use Kim Kardashian as role mode: Instagram shows why

Meghan Markle may want to use Kim Kardashian as her role model for creating her own brand.
Meghan Markle may want to use Kim Kardashian as her role model for creating her own brand. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have expressed their desire to support themselves financially rather than rely on the royal family and/or British taxpayers.

But the question remains. How will the Duchess and Duke of Sussex turn their skills and fame into an income sufficient for their needs, as well as those of baby Archie?

Kim Kardashian, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians queen who sailed to fame and fortune after a sex tape went viral, could offer a celebrity business role model (and no, we’re not suggesting that Meghan and Harry create their own sex tape).

A look at Kanye West’s wife Instagram shows exactly why and how Meghan and Harry may want to follow in Kim’s famous footsteps.

Meghan Markle may want to create her own brand

Although the former actress has many options when it comes to creating her own business, Prince Harry will likely be encouraging her to choose something that allows her to stay at home rather than travel.

A celebrity perfume or fashion, line rather than returning to acting, would fulfill the goals of a profitable business that can be accomplished primarily at home.

For a role model on how to do it, Meghan need only look at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram:

  • Got fashion aspirations? Markle has been known for her fashionista abilities. Kim successfully recently launched her own shapewear line, SKIMS. Could Meghan launch her own fashion line, whether for casual or for evening?
  • Celebrity perfume lines come and go. But Kardashian showed that the trend isn’t over yet with her KKW Fragrance line. A royal scents line might add up to some big cents for Meghan and Harry.

Kim and her little sister Kylie Jenner both have succeeded with their own brand of makeup as well. A royal cosmetics palette might appeal to Markle if she partnered with a celebrity makeup artist.

And optionally, like Kardashian, Meghan could experiment with a variety of products under her own brand.

Could Meghan Markle and Prince Harry star in a reality TV show like Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Ultimately, aside from creating products to sell to support themselves, Meghan and Harry reportedly have explored entertainment industry options.

They’re certainly not the only family to do so, from the now-infamous Duggar family of 19 Kids And Counting fame on TLC to Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E.

Both family-branded shows have become iconic reality TV staples, turning every family member into a star through the years.

However, it’s almost impossible to imagine Prince Harry agreeing to an E! reality TV show along the lines of KUWTK (much less 19 Kids and Counting!).

Instead, if Meghan does persuade Harry that TV is the way to go to bank big bucks, she might consider TLC in its early days, when the acronym really did stand for The Learning Channel.

Markle and her prince could use their platform for a reality show that focused on their humanitarian efforts, from helping children in need to rescuing dogs.

Would you tune into Keeping Up With Meghan and Harry: How to Do Good every week? If the duo can get famous champions such as Ellen DeGeneres to hype and help mold their show, the answer might turn out to be yes.

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