Megan Thee Stallion revealed she lied to the police

Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion discusses shooting. Pic credit: ©

Megan Thee Stallion revealed that she lied to the police, but it was for a good reason. The 27-year-old rapper gave her first interview about the alleged Tory Lanez shooting in 2020. 

Gayle King did the honors for the interview and allowed Megan to tell her side of the story. 

Megan explained that she lied to the police to save the lives of those around her. Around the time of the shooting, the George Floyd murder was a top headline. Megan feared that someone would have been hurt if she revealed she had been shot. 

She also shared that Tory said, “Dance, b***h,” before he began shooting at her.

Megan Thee Stallion explained why she lied to the police

Megan told Gayle King that she lied to protect the people in the car with her the night she was shot. After they left Kylie Jenner’s house, she was in a car with her friend Kelsey, Tory Lanez, and Tory’s driver.

She said that she told police she stepped on glass. 

A video surfaced of a bloody, bare Megan as the police, with guns drawn, had her walk back to the police cars.

A tearful Megan shared, “I was just trying to protect all of us because I didn’t want them to kill us. Like, even though this person just did this to me, my first reaction still was to try to save us. Like, I didn’t want to see anybody die. So I just said, ‘I stepped on glass.'”

Megan also said that, in hindsight, she wished she had told the truth but believed she may have saved the lives of others. 

She told Gayle, “I wish I would have told the truth. But if it saved all of us from dying, then that’s just probably what it was meant to be.”

Megan Thee Stallion will not defend herself because she is a victim

Megan silenced haters who questioned the chain of events when she was shot. Megan has faced questions about who truly shot her in 2020.

She explained, “Like, I know this happened to me, and I’d rather it play out in court, and the facts come out, and everything comes out than me having to plead my case.”

Megan continued that she would not stand for the victim-shaming she had endured. She said, “I’m a victim. I’m not defending myself against anything. Like, something happened to me.”  

The revelations first aired on CBS Mornings with Gayle King.

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