LeAnn Rimes is planning big comeback tour, hoping to revive her career

LeAnn Rimes is planning big comeback tour, hoping to revive her career
LeAnn Rimes wants a comeback. Pic credit: ©

After years off the radio waves, LeAnn Rimes is planning a comeback tour. 

The singer, who married Brandi Glanville’s ex Eddie Cibrian, became more well-known for her love life than her music. Although LeAnn and Brandi are on good terms now, they publicly feuded for years. Their battles became tabloid fodder, and fans forgot LeAnn’s vocal ability.

It seems that the country star wants to change that through a return to music. She has a new album coming out, and she’s celebrating a significant milestone as she turns 40 years old.

LeAnn Rimes planning a comeback tour

LeAnn Rimes wants to be known for her music again, and she is planning a new album and tour to go with it. According to sources, LeAnn is anxious to be in the spotlight again for her music.

A source tells OK Magazine that LeAnn hopes her new album will catapult her back to where she once was. The source believes that LeAnn has a sense of urgency regarding her comeback. They explain that she “hasn’t had a hit song for years, and she believes this new record and tour is her last chance for a comeback.” 

The source continued about LeAnn,  “She hates to think her best days are behind her.”

LeAnn, who had a lot of success as a young singer in the nineties, doesn’t want to become a has-been.

She hopes that her tour will “reignite” her career. The source finished, “She’s always thought there was plenty of time to climb back to the top, but she realizes that time is getting short!” 

LeAnn’s plans are coming to fruition with a tour right around the corner.

LeAnn Rimes’ tour starts this week

LeAnn was happy to announce a tour that starts this week. She calls it “the story… so far tour,” and it will include music from her new album, God’s Work. LeAnn’s last album was Chant: The Human & the Holy. That album consisted of mantras and chants close to LeAnn’s heart. God’s Work is a return to the music which made LeAnn a household name.

She posted about her new work on Instagram to generate excitement. 

She wrote in the caption, “kicks off NEXT WEEK!! so many great songs and stories to tell from “blue” all the way through to my new album “god’s work.” it’s going to be one big celebration and you’re all invited.”

The post also listed an assortment of American cities and dates of performances, starting with Mashantucket, Connecticut on Friday. 

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