Kylie Jenner shaded by Harper’s Bazaar as Marie Antionette? Instagram slams delayed donation to Australia relief amid extravagant kids party

Kylie Jenner looks like Marie Antoinette on Harper's Bazaar cover, earning shade.
Kylie Jenner looks like Marie Antoinette on Harper’s Bazaar cover, earning shade. Pic credit: © Max Worldwide

Kylie Jenner recently took heat from her fans for being one of the last celebrities to give funds to the Australian wildlife tragedy amid fires. And the backlash only got hotter when the news broke that Jenner had gone all out to throw an over-the-top birthday party for her two-year-old.

In light of the situation, some raised their eyebrows at the choice Harper’s Bazaar made to deck out Kylie as a Marie Antoinette look-a-like for its cover story, placing the cover on Instagram. Given the recent brouhaha over the big money spent on that birthday party for a toddler, is the magazine subtly throwing shade by choosing that costume?

Kylie Jenner Reddit commentators sound off on Marie Antionette cover

One Reddit user proclaimed that the choice of Kylie for Marie Antoinette “is very fitting: Both obscenely wealthy and out of touch with reality.”

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Several agreed that the Kardashian and Jenner clan seems out of touch with how they’re viewed by the general public.
Kylie’s mother and manager Kris Jenner is known for her successful puppet master ways. As a result, fans thought that it was odd that no one on the momager’s team had caught onto the fact that the allegory was “not AT ALL flattering.” One possibility: Kris made the connection and figured any press is good press.

“People are still actively ripping on Kylie in viral tweets for needing to be pressured into donating to the Australia bushfire relief efforts and conversely building her toddler a whole a** themepark,” pointed out one fan. “People aren’t rooting for Kylie anymore, not in this economy and political climate.”

With a list of makeup and fashion credits on the Instagram reading like a red carpet fashion police announcement, Harper’s Bazaar made it clear that the publication had spent time for the transformation.

Kylie Jenner has company in her pop queen transformation cover: Hello Princess Stormi

Harper’s Bazaar didn’t neglect Kylie’s daughter Stormi.

Kylie admitted in her caption that she tries to help her little girl understand “how blessed” they are, pointing out that their lives aren’t “normal.”

But not everyone felt that the decision to dress up Kylie as a Queen known for being insensitive to those beneath her was in good taste.

“Not classy,” complained one Instagram user.

And some pleaded for a different choice.

“When has anything not come up roses for [the KUWTK]?” asked one Instagram commentator. “They [are] literally famous for nothing but plastic surgery and creating body image issues in young girls. Please put a more inspirational woman on your cover.”

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