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Kristen Bell gets defensive over bathing debate, says people need to learn ‘what is a joke and what is not’

Kristen Bell shares her four-step safety procedure for opening delivered packages safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Kristen Bell offers commentary on the celebrity bathing debate. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kristen Bell officially wants to put an end to the celebrity bathing debate. Sparked by a conversation on the Armchair Expert podcast, hosted by her husband, Dax Shepard, many celebrities have been shamed for their irregular hygiene habits.

Earlier this month, Bell and Shepard had a conversation with celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Through their talk, it was revealed that both couples only wash their children when they are visibly dirty or begin to smell. Bell expressed that she’s a “big fan of waiting for the stink,” when it comes to her two daughters. The adults also echoed sentiments towards having the same hygienic standards for themselves.

Since then, other celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson have offered insight into their shower routine to fans. Twitter expressed disgust when Gyllenhaal revealed that he finds bathing to be “less necessary,” as he matures. Johnson had a more favorable answer as he showers multiple times a day due to his workout schedule.

Bell had commented on the bathing debate, growing noticeably defensive. She feels as though it was a joke that went too far. However, many fans aren’t convinced.

Bell on bathing debate

The Veronica Mars star opened up to Entertainment Weekly, telling the reporter that she’s tired of the conversations surrounding personal hygiene. Bell was quoted saying, “You know, everyone is different.”

She added, “Like, if you have a workout shower, if you want to go a couple of days without, great. If you have bad hygiene, that’s not on me.”

Following this statement, the actor also confirmed that she puts herself in the “bad hygiene” category. The outlet continued to report that Bell expressed her disinterest in the bathing debacle.

Bell continued on, “I think people maybe need a little bit of a lesson of what is a joke and what is not. Because now people are acting like this is an actual Supreme Court case.”

Fans think Bell is lying

While it’s clear that Bell wants to dip out of the bathing conversations, others are accusing her of lying. Many were confused by Bell’s statements about her own personal lack of hygiene, despite insisting on her past comments being a joke.

Comedic actor David Alan Grier stirred the pot by tweeting, “Y’all Stop Lying.”

The comment section of his post is filled with others agreeing with him and expressing their skepticism about the controversy.

Another fan shared, “She lyin [sic].”

Although, Bell is right to put an end to the conversation. As an actor and mother-of-two, she currently has her hands full. Bell is currently doing press for her upcoming movie Queenpins which is expected to premiere on Showtime and Paramount+ on September 10, 2021.