‘Not Jake’ trends on Twitter as Jake Gyllenhaal reveals his questionable bathing habits

Image of Jake Gyllenhaal at a red carpet event.
Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed his aversion to bathing. Pic credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/Image Collect

Jake Gyllenhaal added himself to the list of celebrities who have recently decided to air out their dirty laundry, quite literally. Within the last few weeks, multiple actors have admitted that they don’t bathe regularly — to the dismay of their fans.

In response, Twitter has made it clear that they are tired of reading about these ‘unhygienic habits’ of celebrities.

Last month, That 70s Show’s Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher revealed that they only bathe their children when they “see dirt on them.” Guest-starring on actor Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert, the couple spoke candidly about their hygiene habits.

The 37-year-old actor and mother-of-two shared, “I didn’t have hot water growing up as a child, so I didn’t shower much anyway. But when I had children, I also didn’t wash them every day. I wasn’t that parent that bathed my newborns – ever.”

Her husband, Kutcher, joined in with, “Now, here’s the thing: If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point.” The two then explained that they tend to spot-clean specific areas of their bodies whenever they wash up, even after working out at the gym.

Jake Gyllenhaal chimes in

These comments instantly opened up a can of worms. Many critics were disgusted by the couple’s admittance. Dax Shepard’s wife, The Good Place actor Kristen Bell, shared that she agrees with Kunis and Kutcher.

During an appearance on The View, Bell said, “There’s a red flag. Honestly, it’s just bacteria; once you get bacteria you gotta be like, ‘Get in the tub or the shower.’ So, I don’t hate what [Kunis and Kutcher] are doing. I wait for the stink.”

Continuing to break the status quo, actor Jake Gyllenhaal stirred up the controversy. While speaking to Vanity Fair, he was reported saying, “More and more I find bathing to be less necessary, at times.” He went on to confide, “I do believe, because Elvis Costello is wonderful, that good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. So I do that.”

Further justifying his choices, Gyllenhaal added, “But I do also think that there’s a whole world of not bathing that is also really helpful for skin maintenance, and we naturally clean ourselves.”

Twitter is tired of it

In response to these skeptical remarks, Twitter is begging celebrities to stop revealing their irregular bathing habits. One fan wrote, “Celebs like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ashton Kutcher are really out here thinking that “not bathing” is the next big trend.”

Another fan called out the misinformation that these celebrities are sharing. They penned their plea to Twitter, writing, “I swear to God, people hear that we use too many soaps/detergents on our skin & skip straight to not bathing. Y’all. You still have to bathe. You can use cleansers that don’t contain detergents. And then use oils afterward. But for the love of all that is holy, please bathe.”

Celebrity commentator Saeed Jones had another take. He wrote, “I’m convinced celebs are volunteering this information now because they want to distract us from the fact that a lot of them are anti-vaxxers. A game is being played, I’m telling ya!”

It’s pretty clear that the Twitter world doesn’t have time for this “showering debate.” They are all pretty keen on showering, unlike a select few of their favorite A-list celebrities.

Check out the video below for the latest scoop on Jake Gyllenhaal’s drama with Taylor Swift.

Looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is in trouble for more reasons than one!

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