Kodak Black wants fans to know that the authorities did not clone him in prison

Kodak Black
Rapper Kodak Black has denied rumors that he was cloned in prison. Pic credit: ©

During an Instagram Live session on Saturday, rapper Kodak Black sought to debunk a conspiracy theory making the rounds on social media that the version of him released from prison was a government clone of the original.

Kodad Black (Bill Kahan Kapri) addressed the clone rumors, saying that fans shouldn’t doubt that he is the real Kodak.

The rapper asked why people were saying he doesn’t sound or look like the real Kodak and wondered how he looked different. He said the persistent social media speculation and rumor-mongering were beginning to get on his nerves.

Kodak wondered why people believed he’d been cloned when none of his imitators could duplicate him. He then went on to suggest that his competitors were spreading the clone rumor because they were angry and scared that he’d returned home from prison.

“Why this don’t sound like Kodak, what the hell, so who I sound like?” Kodak asked (see Instagram clip below). “All this lil’ clone s**t starting to make me mad now. See back then, all my little other bids, whenever this little clone s**t came out, I wasn’t trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.”

“All these n****s was scared – scared of me coming home… picking up the money,” Kodak continued, according to HipHopDX. “Errbody can make money, errbody could do this s**t. I don’t give a f**k about you n****s, man. Errbody can pop they lil s**t.”

Kodak Black looked so different after he was released from prison

The authorities released Kodak Black from federal prison earlier in the month after former President Donald Trump granted him a pardon for a 2020 conviction.

He was sentenced to 46 months in prison in November 2019 on charges of giving false information on federal forms to purchase firearms. But President Trump commuted his sentence along with several other people, including fellow rapper Lil Wayne who was also convicted on weapons charges.

When Kodak Black made his first public appearance after he was released from prison, he looked so different from before he went to prison that some fans began spreading rumors that the authorities might have cloned him in prison, Monsters and Critics has reported.

But others pointed out that the rapper looked different only because he had shed a lot of weight in prison and because he was sporting new face tattoos and a new hairstyle.

This is not the first time that rap fans have spread rumors that a rapper has been cloned.

After rapper Gucci Mane was released from prison in 2016, many fans appeared convinced that the slimmer version of him was also a clone.

The latest development comes after Kodak got engaged to fellow rapper Mellow Rackz.

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