Rapper Kodak Black looks so different after prison release that some fans are convinced he was cloned in jail

Rapper Kodak Black
Kodak Black received a presidential pardon last month. Pic credit: ©

Rapper Kodak Black (Bill Kahan Kapri) made his first appearance in public on Friday night after he was released from prison. Fans were shocked when they saw Kodak for the first time since he went to jail in 2019.

The rapper reportedly appeared at a Tampa Super Bowl party. Many fans took to social media to comment that the rapper had changed so much since he was sentenced to prison that he looked almost unrecognizable.

Kodak Black was arrested and sentenced to 46 months in prison in November 2019 on charges of giving false information on federal forms to purchase firearms.

The authorities released the rapper from Pompano Beach, Florida, from federal prison after former President Donald Trump granted him a pardon last month.

The former president granted him a pardon along with more than 140 others, including Rapper Lil Wayne.

Some fans think the government might have cloned Kodak Black in prison

Fans were so shocked when they saw the rapper for the first time in months that some could not believe he was the real Kodak Black.

Some Twitter users began suggesting that the person was not the real Kodak Black but a clone of the rapper created by the government.

But others pushed back against the Kodak Black clone conspiracy theory, pointing out that the rapper looked so different only because he had lost weight in prison.

Fans also noticed that the rapper had a new eagle tattoo on his forehead, instead of the cross sign he previously had.

Another photo that surfaced online shows the rapper carrying a dog. A star tattoo appears on the right side of his face. Some have identified the sign as the Star of David, saying it signifies his Hebrew Israelite faith.

Rapper Kodak Black released a new song

Kodak Black dropped a new song, Last Day In, to celebrate his release from prison. He also sent his thanks to the former president for granting him a pardon.

Pic credit: @KodakBlack1k/Twitter

Kodak Black also visited his jeweler, Johnny Dang, who equipped him with new bling accessories.

The accessories included a diamond grill with ruby stones, an “iced-out 19 Karat White Gold Presidential Rolex with Ruby Bezel,” a “Big Boy Sniper Gang championship ring,” and a customized “iced-out Covid-free set.”

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