King Charles ‘bullied’ for his ‘sausage fingers’ ahead of controversial coronation

King Charles III
King Charles may be insecure about his hands after claims about his “sausage fingers.” Pic credit: ©

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s coronation is coming up quickly, but that’s not all royal watchers are focused on.

Over the weekend, the official Royal Family Twitter account shared a look at Charles and Camilla’s portraits ahead of the coronation and received mixed responses.

Notably, some believe that Charles posed in ways to hide his hands and that he may be self-conscious about his “sausage fingers.”

Charles is aware of the way his fingers look and has commented on them before, even calling them “sausage fingers” during an Australian tour in 2012.

In one portrait, Charles and Camilla stood next to each other, but Charles kept his hands behind his back and out of sight.

His pose was noticed immediately by viewers as they commented about the king likely being self-conscious about his hands now.

Royal watchers believe King Charles is hiding his fingers from the camera

According to Page Six, some social media users spoke out about Charles being bullied for his fingers, with one writing, “I want to abolish the monarchy but I do still feel bad that we have gang bullied a grown man into never showing his hands again.”

Charles experiences puffiness in his hands due to an undisclosed medical condition.

Still, another user wrote, “I can’t believe Twitter has bullied the liter king into never showing his hands,” while someone else joked, “Show us his hands cowards.”

Along with comments about his hands, the official Instagram and Twitter pages were full of replies and comments from people who thought the coronation was a waste and have their own idea as to who the “real” queen is.

Royal critics slam coronation ceremony and Queen Consort Camilla

Many people replied that holding this extravagant coronation ceremony was ridiculous and unnecessary, as Charles become King as soon as Queen Elizabeth died.

Not only does he already have the title of King, but others weren’t thrilled with the idea of lavish ceremonies while people suffer in poverty.

Tweets responding in criticism of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla
Tweets critique the coronation ceremony, Charles, and Camilla. Pic credit: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

Other users had a problem with another key factor of the coronation and titles: Queen Consort Camilla.

Many replies weren’t thrilled with Camilla, with one user calling her “the wicked witch” while others thought she should simply remain the Duchess of Cornwall as she will replace the late Princess Diana.

A tweet referring to Charles and Camilla as "sausage fingers and the wicked witch."
A tweet referring to Charles and Camilla as “sausage fingers and the wicked witch.” Pic credit: @RoyalFamily/Twitter

Many also seemed sad that they would never get the chance to see Princess Diana crowned as Queen, something that they would have looked forward to.

Although Camilla gets the title of Queen Consort, for many, Diana will always be Queen in their hearts.

For now, fans and critics alike are waiting to see if there will be any large-scale royal drama as the coronation approaches.

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