Josh Richards’ live stream video leak: TikTok star apologizes after flashing fans in clip with Griffin Johnson

TikTok star Josh Richards
TikTok star Josh Richards is under fire after flashing fans on Instagram Live. Pic credit: @joshrichards/Instagram

TikTok star and Instagram influencer Josh Richards flashed fans during a live session on Instagram with fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson on Monday, April 27.

Richards, 18, and Johnson were live-streaming their performance of a popular video trend when Johnson pulled down Richards’ pants and revealed a lot more than intended.

The video trend involves performers placing their camera on the floor and then filming themselves sitting on it, sometimes with their backsides bare.

As Richards lowered himself on the camera, Johnson suddenly pulled down his pants and exposed a lot more than that on Instagram Live.

Josh Richards’ livestream leak went viral on social media

A clip showing the moment (viewer discretion is advised) that Josh Richards flashed his fans and followers on Instagram Live went viral on Twitter.

Many Twitter users took to the social media platform to react under the hashtags #joshrichardsleaked and #joshrichards.

While the incident elicited many explicit jokes on Twitter, many fans expressed shock and disgust, pointing out that many of Richards’ followers and fans were young and underaged.

Josh Richards apologized on Twitter

Richards took to Twitter to react to the incident. He was nonchalant about it at first, tweeting comments such as “Yo, kinda legendary tho.”

He changed his attitude after the backlash continued to mount on social media. He deleted his initial joking comments, and on Tuesday morning, he posted an apology to his fans and followers.

In his apology, he explained that the incident was not intentional and promised he would think before acting in the future.

“I want to apologize about what happened during the live. I have a responsibility because of the followers I have been blessed with. Last night I took advantage of that.

I am going to try harder to think before I act. It was never my intention to have leaked what got shown but I made that mistake and understand the consequences.”

Reactions to Josh Richards’ apology on Twitter

The reactions to Richards’ apology on Twitter were mixed.

While some fans continued to criticize him for exposing his young fans to inappropriate content, others defended him, saying there was nothing to apologize for and that the incident was funny.

Some tried to absolve him by saying that the incident was a mistake.

Some fans claimed he was drunk at the time.

But some Twitter users rejected suggestions that it was only an accident, saying he should have taken care because of his young audience.

The incident comes after nude images and videos of the TikTok star Tony Lopez were leaked on Twitter.

TikTok stars, including Ava Louise and Larz, also caused a stir online after posting videos showing them licking toilets to participate in the so-called coronavirus challenge.

Josh Richards is a TikTok and Instagram star. He has about five million followers on Instagram and nearly 17 million followers on TikTok.

He is also an actor known for his roles in Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts.

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