Jon Stewart sides with Pete Davidson in drama with Kanye West

jon stewart at 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Press Room
Jon Stewart at the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Press Room. Pic credit: © Bouche/AdMedia

The Kanye West and Pete Davidson feud has captivated many viewers on social media for several months, with West launching perceived threats and attacks against his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend.

It’s become quieter more recently, as Davidson doesn’t use social media, and West has been silent on his Instagram ever since receiving a 24-hour ban.

However, that hasn’t stopped other stars and sources from getting asked about the feud and giving their comments about Pete Davidson or Kanye West. That includes actor and comedian Jon Stewart who said he knows the SNL star well.

Jon Stewart comments on Pete Davidson and Kanye West drama

Jon Stewart appeared on The Howard Stern Show earlier this week, and Stern brought up how it’s smart to constantly run news about the ongoing feud that has captured many people’s attention.

“I think about it. If I ran a news network, I’d probably just make my number one story Kanye West, Pete Davidson, and Kim Kardashian, which used to be the E! network,” Stern joked, with Stewart agreeing.

Stern then asked Stewart about his friendship with Davidson.

“I know Pete real well. Pete’s just a kid trying to live his life,” Stewart said, adding, “One of my favorite people.”

“He’s just a smart funny kid trying to live his life, and he’s just caught up in you know, and I think he’s doing as best you can in that situation when you’re dealing with something that’s so explosive and loaded with all kinds of other things. I just love that kid,” Stewart shared.

Stewart joked that he’s “incredibly hip with it,” which is why Pete Davidson initially wanted to befriend him. However, he cleared that up, saying they know one another from comedy.

“Dave [Chapelle] and I were doing gigs out in Boston and Houston and Pete came out and performed,” Stewart shared, also mentioning Davidson and comedian John Mulaney worked near where he lives in New Jersey, so they’d get a pizza, and all hang out together.

“We just became friends from that, and I always have like a, you know, a very paternal instinct,” Stewart told Stern regarding young comedians coming up.

Stewart’s the latest celebrity with a friendship or association with Davidson to speak on the matter. In another recent interview on Sirius XM, Pete’s SNL castmate Chris Redd talked about why he won’t “stir the pot” with jokes about Kanye and Pete’s feud.

Additionally, SNL’s Bowen Yang commented on how the cast is being supportive of Davidson during the feud by giving him his space.

West and Davidson feud has quieted down after rapper’s IG ban

Critics have argued that West’s treatment of Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson has bordered on harassment over the past several months, as his attacks have arrived on Instagram, in song lyrics, and even a music video.

West, known as Ye, included a line in the song Eazy with The Game in which he rapped, “God saved me from that crash. Just so I could beat Pete Davidson a**.”

The song’s music video included animated scenes featuring claymation versions of Kanye and Davidson, with the rapper kidnapping the SNL star and burying him alive up to his head. Other scenes in the video suggest that Davidson had been decapitated.

For the most part, Davidson seemed to take it all in stride without erupting on West, as sources said the comedian was “almost flattered” by being included in Kanye’s video. That wasn’t the case with Kim K, as sources indicated she was “furious” over the video situation and what their kids would think.

In recent weeks, a text message exchange between West and Davidson surfaced online, with the SNL star calling out West’s behavior towards Kim and himself. Davidson suggested he had been nice but wouldn’t be if West kept up his antics.

That exchange also included Davidson sharing a shirtless selfie of himself and telling West, “In bed with your wife,” when Kanye asked where he was.

Davidson attempted to set up a private meeting with West to talk things out, although West tried to get Davidson to come to his public Sunday Service event. A meeting never happened, but Davidson also offered to assist West in finding help for his mental health issues.

Last week, the Grammy-winning rapper was banned from Instagram for 24 hours following a post he shared which included a slur about The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Ahead of that post, West also shared posts targeting Davidson, including one where he called out an offensive joke he made about babies in 2019.

After West’s Instagram ban, his friend and associate The Game revealed Ye got pulled from the lineup of performers for the upcoming Grammy Awards, which Noah will host. West seemed to delete all posts off his Instagram account following his suspension and hasn’t posted since.

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