Pete Davidson ‘almost flattered’ after Kanye West buries cartoon version of him in new music video

pete davidson during saturday night live
A source says SNL Star Pete Davidson is “almost flattered” by Kanye West’s music video which has a “cartoon version” of him. Pic credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson isn’t letting Kanye West’s antics get to him, as a source says the Saturday Night Live star is “almost flattered” by the rapper’s inclusion of a cartoon version of him in a music video.

Davidson showed up as a claymation character in West’s video for Eazy, a song that features The Game and includes Ye’s infamous line about beating “Pete Davidson’s a**.” The video’s visuals include a claymation character representing Kanye West that kidnaps the claymation Davidson and buries him alive up to his neck.

However, a source is saying Davidson doesn’t feel threatened by Ye’s antics and that they’re actually helping Pete and Kim grow closer while West continues to focus his energy on them.

Pete Davidson ‘almost flattered’ by appearing in Kanye West’s video

This past week, Kanye West, known as Ye, and The Game shared their official music video for Eazy, a song that may appear on both Kanye’s Donda 2 and The Game’s Drillmatic albums. The black and white video isn’t necessarily violent, but the visuals suggest dark themes.

One clip includes the claymation Kanye West putting a bag over what appears to be a claymation Pete Davidson’s head, tying him up, and dragging him behind an ATV. Ye takes the animated Davidson to an abandoned location, buries him in the ground up to his neck, then plants roses around him that bloom.

Davidson’s character isn’t killed off in the video, but it ends with a message, “Everyone lived happily ever after. Except SKETE you know who.”

Skete, the nickname Ye has used for Davidson in numerous Instagram posts, is crossed out in that final message. Check out the full music video below from The Game’s YouTube channel.

As far as Pete Davidson’s thoughts on the latest Kanye West presentation, a source told Entertainment Tonight that he finds it “hysterical.”

“He finds the fact that Kanye included a cartoon version of him in his music video hysterical,” the source said. “He is almost flattered by it all because it is so ridiculous to him.”

The source also mentioned that Davidson “is not threatened by Kanye in any way, shape or form.”

Over the past several months, West’s antics have been considered entertainment by some. Others have mentioned the seriousness of the matter and how his behavior has been harassment towards Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

One such criticizer included rock star Gene Simmons, who suggested that the rapper may need a “good b***h slap” to get him to realize he’s not acting right. With that, Simmons also said Kanye has admitted to having “psychological” issues, and he praised Davidson for taking the high road to ignore West’s antics.

Kim Kardashian ‘couldn’t care less’ about Ye West trying to make her jealous

West’s antics kicked into high gear over the past several months as he appears to be trying to get Kim Kardashian back despite her filing for divorce last February. Ahead of the Eazy music video, he included a sample of Kim’s Saturday Night Live monologue in a new song he debuted during his Donda 2 listening party.

Along with Kanye West’s references to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian in songs or music videos, he’s made numerous Instagram posts over the past months aimed at his situation with Kim and “Skete” aka Pete Davidson. Those posts have all been deleted shortly after they were posted on his Instagram feed, including one where Ye asked fans not to hurt Davidson, saying he’d handle the situation himself.

Meanwhile, Kim seems content with her new man. Ye has briefly dated actress Julia Fox, and is now with a woman that many have described as a Kim Kardashian look-alike, Chaney Jones.

And based on comments from ET’s source, Kim isn’t really bothered by Kanye’s attempts to make her jealous by being with someone who seems to be a clone of her visually.

“It’s almost out of spite and to make Kim jealous, but Kim couldn’t care less,” the source said. “She is over it and just wants to move on. She knows Kanye is a loose cannon and at this point, nothing surprises her.”

Kim recently received a judge’s ruling in her favor to be declared legally single, a significant win for her in the divorce battle. ET’s source also mentioned that all of the rants and antics from Ye have actually made Kim and Pete closer and stronger as a couple.

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