Gene Simmons blasts Kanye West for the way he’s been acting about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

gene simmons blasts kanye west over pete davidson and kim kardashian treatment
Gene Simmons at Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Los Angeles Premiere. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Rock star Gene Simmons is the latest celeb to give his thoughts about Kanye West’s antics towards Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Based on Simmons’ comments, he thinks West needs a “good b***h slap” to get over it and “move on.”

West, who goes by Ye, has shared numerous social media posts about his divorce situation with Kim K and Davidson being involved in her life. Many of those now-deleted posts have bordered on harassment, with Ye eventually asking fans not to harm the SNL star, sharing text messages between himself and Kim on the matter.

Simmons thinks the situation is serious, despite many individuals online and elsewhere seeming to laugh about it. The KISS frontman believes the rapper has a “psychological problem” but also suggested a slap to the face may be what Ye needs based on his behavior.

Gene Simmons suggests Kanye West needs a ‘good b***h slap’

TMZ caught up with the legendary Gene Simmons while out and about, asking him what he thought about the ongoing situation with Kanye West and how he’s acted towards Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

“Look, he’s a talented guy; there’s no question about it. He’s out of his mind,” Simmons said. “This is serious. This is your wife. Mother of your children.”

“It’s not childish. There’s something clinically wrong with him, as he’s admitted. It’s a psychological problem,” he told TMZ.

Simmons said he didn’t think Kim and Pete needed a restraining order against West with what’s going on, adding that “Pete’s a cool guy” and “takes the high road” in the situation by ignoring it.

“At a certain point, if everybody misbehaves, a good b***h slap [is necessary]. ‘Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize I was such an a**hole,'” Simmons said with regards to West acting up.

Simmons comments about Ye’s Kim Kardashian lookalike

While Simmons went on to say a b***h slap is “possibly” what Kanye West needs, he had some other words of wisdom for him.

“It’s like guy, you’ve got a roof over your head. You’ve got food in your tummy. You can do whatever you want. Get a hobby, that’s better. Leave them alone. Move on,” Simmons said, adding, “Love your kids. Love the mother of your kids and let her make her own decisions. She’s a grown a** woman now, and she doesn’t need your permission.”

Simmons also had some thoughts about Kanye’s current situation with model Chaney Jones, whom many have pegged as a Kim Kardashian lookalike. West has been spotted with the model, bringing her along to various listening parties and a recent trip to Miami.

“I mean getting a Kim lookalike, it’s childish, and it’s not fair to this girl, who happens to resemble Kim,” Simmons commented. “Don’t be a hand puppet to somebody who’s playing some kind of game.”

He went on to say that Kanye’s “not a bad guy” but needs to “back off” in terms of what he’s doing right now.

Simmons’ comments arrive just days after Kanye West revealed what many people considered an alarming video for his song Eazy with The Game. The black and white music video includes animations depicting Ye kidnapping a claymation Pete Davidson and burying him alive up to his neck in the dirt before planting roses around his head.

As of this report, there’s been no reaction to the video by Pete Davidson, and based on Gene Simmons’ take, Davidson is wisely ignoring Kanye’s antics.

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