Joe Rogan is leaving LA for Texas next month says Joey Diaz and he’s looking to leave California as well

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Joe Rogan after flirting with leaving California, the JRE host will reportedly move to Texas. Pic credit: JRE/YouTube.

Joe Rogan, the host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, has flirted with the idea of leaving Los Angeles for Texas in many episodes. He has also considered leaving California completely. Frequent JRE guest and comedian Joey Diaz said the UFC commentator has set the date to move to Texas.

In a clip of the Joey Diaz podcast, the comedian says Joe will relocate to Texas next month. “I got the call from Rogan last week that he is leaving next month.” Joey Diaz then criticized California’s tax, defunding the police and a rise in crime as reasons he may join Joe in leaving.

Joe Rogan has yet to confirm whether he is moving to Texas or if he moving out of Los Angeles and the state of Calfornia permanently.

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Why does Joe Rogan want to move to Texas?

During a JRE episode in June with musical guests HoneyHoney, the podcaster revealed his intention to relocate to Texas. When Suzanne Santo of Honeyhoney complimented the podcast’s “great crew,” Joe responded: “There’s no crew, it’s just Jamie and me, it’s just a trick,” before declaring the move, “I’m going to do it again in Texas.”

Joe Rogan said the transition will be smooth and he will simply fly in guests who often live in Los Angeles, which is the home to celebrities, comedians, and actors who have appeared on the popular podcast.

A different episode of JRE in August 2019 with comedian and former mixed martial artist Brendan Schaub, Joe told the former UFC fighter that he wants to move out of California.

He cites the traffic and overcrowding among his reasons for moving out of the Golden State. Joe recalls being horrified by the traffic after returning from Italy.

However, at the time Joe also considered moving to Denver rather than Texas but Schaub warned him that the state will soon be overpopulated with 25,000 moving there every month.

Joe Rogan Plans on Leaving LA

Brendan questioned whether Joe would be able to leave The Comedy Store behind. “Are you going to be satisfied not doing sets every night at the store?

The Comedy Store is an iconic comedy club where the JRE host frequent performs and test new comedy material. Joe suggested club appearance and touring to replace his sets in The Comedy Club. If Rogan moves to Austin, Texas, he will likely maintain residences in both states as he has hinted at doing just that.

Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal is reportedly worth more than $100 million

In May, Spotify and Joe Rogan announced a multi-year exclusive licensing deal reportedly worth $100 million. Therefore, the UFC commentator will have no problem maintaining multiple homes, studios, or flying in guests to appear on future episodes.

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3 years ago

I’m calling B.S. He just made that sweetheart deal with Spotify for a reportedly $100,000,000 potential payout.

His people are possibly advising him to move that money out of Calif**kingcrazy for TAX reasons.

Look at his facial expressions, he looks like he’s lying to his mom and he knows she see’s through his fib.

BTW I would leave tomorrow if I had the resources. So Cal native 56 years.