Jessie James Decker responds to comments about her children’s shredded bodies after pics go viral

Jessie James Decker poses in a button-down shirt.
Jessie James Decker had some words for followers who doubted that her children’s ripped abs were photoshopped. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker has responded to the flurry of comments she received after sharing a seemingly-innocent snap of her three kids on vacation.

The country-singing superstar looked to be enjoying a much-deserved break in Mexico after being booted off Dancing with the Stars and nearing the end of her whirlwind tour, which will finish off in Canada in December.

While the star typically garners the attention of her fans for her often-daring and skin-baring attire choices, the tables were turned this time as the singer’s own offspring were the ones grabbing the scrutiny of her 4.2 million followers.

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After posting some fun holiday snaps to her social media page, Jessie sent people into a frenzy after sharing a pic of her three young children posing beachside.

Jessie’s two sons, Eric Jr., 7, and Forrest, 4, and her daughter Vivianne, 8, all rocked swimwear that showed off their abs and fans seemed to be shocked by how well-defined the kids’ muscles appeared.

“Vacation Decker style???,” Jessie captioned the shot, and hundreds of her followers had a thing or two to say.

Jessie James Decker snaps back at fans who critique her kids’ bodies

Many people seemed to simply be in awe of the six-pack abs all three children sported, with many joking that the kids were more fit than they had ever been in their whole lives and they wanted to sprint to the gym to work out.

Jessie gets backlash for IG post
Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

However, others were less than thrilled with the snap.

“This is bizarre,” wrote one person with an eyebrow-raising emoji attached.

“This is too much,” another penned about the post, while others chimed in saying they felt “confused” and thought the pic was “strange.”

Fan comments on Jessie IG
Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Though plenty of people piped up in defense of Jessie’s post, one person’s doubting response garnered the singer’s personal attention, and she immediately responded.

The critical fan questioned whether or not Jessie had used an app to make her kids look like they had ripped middles, and the singer quipped back, saying, “yeah I used an “ab” app on my small children wtf.”

A fan asks Jessie James Decker if she used an ab app on her kids.
Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker handles internet trolls in her own way

Although Jessie’s recent post’s backlash was aimed largely at her children and thus backhandedly at the singer’s parenting skills, this is not the first time the star has dealt with unwelcome feedback about her or her family’s appearance.

Fans comment that they find Jessie James Decker's pic of her kids off-putting.
Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Last year, Us Weekly reported that Jessie had undergone a bit of a shock upon discovering a Reddit account dedicated solely to bashing her looks.

The singer broke down crying in an Instagram Story, clearly upset to have found out about the account.

“I’ve always fluctuated with my weight up and down, but I have to admit that I’ve recently been sent a Reddit page that rips me apart on a daily basis,” Jessie shared.

“They’re talking about how apparently fat I’ve gotten, and how boxy and how terrible my body looks. And they’re accusing me of editing my body and all these things. It’s pretty awful and I can’t believe this is still happening in the world — that people are doing this,” she commented.

This year, Jessie got candid again regarding her looks, telling fans she constantly battles with self-esteem despite having a super toned physique.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Jessie opened up with her fans about her experience behind the scenes as she struggles with her body issues.

Despite being one of the most successful musicians out there today, and possessing a figure many women would love to have, Jessie let followers see her sensitive side as she shared the story behind her ups and downs over the years.

Getting emotionally raw, Jessie said she wanted to inform her loyal fan base that even she goes through “low lows” despite her standing as one of the world’s most famous faces.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion about Jessie or her family, the singer has obviously made a name for herself and will undoubtedly continue to thrill and excite the population with her stunning posts and exciting career moves.

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