Jason Momoa’s Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl commercial: Skinny Jason shocks everybody

Jason Momoa in commercial
Jason Momoa removes a fake muscular torso to reveal a skinny body underneath. Pic credit: Rocket Mortgage / YouTube

Jason Momoa shocked TV audiences last night with his appearance in a Super Bowl 2020 commercial for Rocket Mortgage, where the beefed-up actor we’ve all come to know and love looked very different indeed.

In the commercial, Aquaman drives up to his home past hollering paparazzi, he casually strolls into his house and says, “What does home mean to me?…it’s my sanctuary.”

“It’s the one place where I can let my guard down,” he says as he starts to unwind, slipping off his shoes. “It’s where I can just kick back and be totally comfortable in my own skin,” he continues. So far, so good.

What’s he going to do next? Is he going to start pumping iron? Maybe he’s going to do some push-ups? Surely that’s how the star of 2011’s remake of Conan the Barbarian relaxes, right? Apparently not!

Has Jason Momoa been fooling us all?

To everyone’s horror, he casually detaches his muscular arms to reveal super-skinny arms underneath. He then removes his torso, revealing a thinner body.

Things get even more surprising and surreal when he tugs at his long locks and removes a wig, underneath we see a bald head.

The commercial finished with Momoa struggling to benchpress a weightless barbell. His wife, Lisa Bonet, is offering him support and encouragement, but her words fall on deaf ears as he repeatedly begs her to “take it.” Lisa easily lifts the bar from his grasp, saying, “Ok, alright, good job.”

Many did not like skinny Jason Momoa

However, the campaign may backfire for Rocket Mortgage as some Momoa fans were justifiably upset at what had occurred to their favorite muscular heartthrob.

One user likened Momoa’s transformation to the disappointment of ordering something online only to discover it looks quite different from how it was advertised on arrival.

Perez Hilton thought that bald, thin Jason Momoa was the “creepiest thing” we’ve ever seen.

On the other hand, some appreciated the humor of the commercial with one Twitter user writing, “Oh man, that Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa was great. I want more ads like that tonight.”

Earlier in the week, Momoa posted a silly video to Instagram of himself in unexpected circumstances. At the start, he says, “but you’ve never seen Jason Momoa like this.” We then see the big guy singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror.

We also see him frolicking in a bath covered in soap suds, reading from a romance novel, and plucking his eyebrows. We learn that it was all a part of the Rocket Mortgages ad campaign.

There were some really interesting commercials at this year’s Super Bowl.

Tom Brady was back teasing us with a possible retirement announcement on a commercial for Hulu. Meanwhile, Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X also stole the show in their commercial for Doritos.

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