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Doritos commercial starring Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X was among show-stealing Super Bowl ads

lil nas x and sam elliott in doritos commercial for super bowl sunday
A Doritos commercial starring Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott was amongst Super Bowl Sunday winners. Pic credit: Doritos/YouTube

As with previous years, Super Bowl Sunday featured all sorts of commercials vying for the attention of consumers. Only a select group may have succeeded including The Cool Ranch Doritos commercial starring Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X.

The ad featured a clever and humorous showdown in the style of old Westerns, set to the hip-hop star’s smash hit Old Town Road. Many people were eating up Doritos’ concept.

Doritos commercial with Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X

A lot of the advertisements during the Super Bowl 2020 were flashy and busy in nature or serious and straightforward like Tom Brady’s Hulu ad. That wasn’t the case with the Doritos commercial for their Cool Ranch flavor chips as it featured just two stars front and center in a simple faceoff.

With the familiar old Western showdown tune playing, Lil Nas X rode into in an old Western town suitably named The Cool Ranch. Longtime actor Sam Elliott, appearing in his first on-camera commercial in over 40 years, stood many paces ahead. A bag of Doritos Cool Ranch was at stake.

Instead of drawing weapons, it was dance moves with Old Town Road as the background music. The hip-hop star gave his best move, but Elliott was able to replicate it not with his body, but with his moving mustache.

The ad brought plenty of humor as Elliott was able to contort his body to imitate some of the other moves. There’s also the major punchline when Lil Nas X does a move on his horse that Elliott’s horse just isn’t having.

In all, it was simplistic, clever, and fun. It also helped Frito Lays and their Cool Ranch Doritos ad land amongst the winners when it comes to  Super Bowl commercials. Check out the full ad below and also see some of the best Super Bowl ads here.

Twitter reacts to Doritos Super Bowl ad

A number of websites listed the Doritos commercial amongst the best of the night. What were people on Twitter saying about the new advertisement, though? Lil Nas X actually posted the ad to his Twitter days ahead of the Super Bowl and it received a positive reaction.

After the commercial aired during the big game, more Twitter reactions arrived from the many viewers who hadn’t seen it until Sunday night. The majority of people loved the ad, including actress Nancy Travis, who applauded Elliott’s dancing stash.

Based on those Twitter reactions and many others, it’s clear that the Doritos commercial hit the mark by capturing people’s attention the right way. Sometimes all it takes is a recognizable actor, hit song, and a funny dance-off in the wild, wild West to sell some snack chips.

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