Hugh Jackman begs the Academy Awards not to give Ryan Reynolds an Oscar for Best Original Song

Hugh Jackman poses at the 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards, and Ryan Reynolds attends a screening of Final Portrait
Hugh Jackman appealed to the Academy Awards after a song sung by Ryan Reynolds got shortlisted for Best Original Song. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia/Dennis Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

In the latest development in Hugh Jackman’s and Ryan Reynold’s hilarious feud, Jackman responded unhappily to the news that a song sung by Ryan Reynolds could get an Academy Award nomination.

He took to Instagram on Wednesday to beg the Academy to not “validate” Reynolds with the nomination.

The 95th Oscar shortlists were announced for 10 categories on December 21. The official list of nominations will be announced on January 24, but the shortlist is meant to identify candidates likely to receive nominations.

In the category for the Best Original Song, 15 songs made the shortlist, and Good Afternoon from the Reynolds and Will Ferrell film Spirited was one of them. The song was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul but performed by Reynolds and Ferrell.

In response to the shortlist, Jackman released a short video about his feelings. He started by admitting that he loved Spirited, Ferrell, Pasek, Paul, and Good Afternoon, though he noticeably failed to include Reynolds in the list.

While he called Good Afternoon “brilliant,” he pointed out that he will have to work with Reynolds for a year to shoot Deadpool 3. Meanwhile, Reynolds getting that nomination will allegedly make Jackman’s life “insufferable” for that whole year.

He finished by imploring the Academy to “please, please” not officially nominate Reynolds for Best Original Song.

Ryan Reynolds had hilarious response to Hugh Jackman’s video

Given Reynolds’ and Jackman’s long history of feuding, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine Reynolds casting the Oscar nomination upon Jackman. This is especially because Jackman is, undeniably, the more musically talented and passionate of the two.

He has received two Tony Awards for his performances on Broadway and has shown off his vocal skills in the critically acclaimed Les Misérables and The Greatest Showman. His The Greatest Showman project was also notably similar to Reynolds’ Spirited.

Both were musicals with Jackman and Reynolds providing some of the lead vocals. However, none of the songs that Jackman performed in The Greatest Showman were nominated for Oscars.

With Jackman being an experienced performer and Reynolds having openly admitted that he cannot dance or sing, it is quite comical that Reynolds might have an Academy Award for Best Original Song to taunt Jackman with.

For his part, Reynolds responded to Jackman with a cheeky Instagram Story. He wrote, “I know it’s still early but Good Afternoon to you, Mr. Jackman.”

Ryan Reynolds Instagram Story to Hugh Jackman
Pic credit: @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Fans will have to wait until January 24 to see if Jackman’s pleas are heeded by the Academy.

Jackman’s and Reynold’s feud explained

Jackman’s response to Reynold’s song being shortlisted for an award was in line with his and Reynolds’ complicated friendship. The two are truly good friends but have enjoyed bantering back and forth and trying to one-up each since meeting through Marvel.

Reynolds described the source of their feud being Jackman’s unbelievable kindness. He stated that Jackman’s kindness drove him “nuts” sometimes and caused him to lash out at the actor. Then, in good sportsmanship, Jackman always reciprocated.

Jackman believed the source of the feud was that Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson when he began working with Jackman on the X-Men film series. Since Jackman was good friends with Johansson, he liked to rib Reynolds and warn him to be good to Johansson.

Whatever the source of the feud, the result has been some hilarious pranks, jokes, impersonations, and taunts over the years.

Since around 2015, the pair have frequently trolled each other and tried to downplay their awards and accomplishments. Their feud even translated over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), with Reynolds’ Deadpool wanting his film to beat the success of Wolverine’s (Jackman) critically acclaimed film Logan.

Now that the two have been confirmed to be appearing alongside one another as Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3, more shenanigans and trolling can be expected in the future.

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