Hugh Jackman thanks his supporters and calls Broadway experience ‘magical’

Hugh Jackman has dusted off his tap dance shoes! The actor has been wowing audiences in Broadway’s The Music Man, following a recent COVID-19 scare. Jackman, 53, has been preparing for his leading role as Harold Hill in the musical for ages. The show was in pre-production before the COVID-19 pandemic started and Broadway shut


Avengers Endgame director shares how Wolverine can join the MCU

If there’s one character Marvel fans dream of seeing in the MCU, it would have to be Wolverine. Now, Joe Russo, who with brother Anthony, wrote and directed Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, has discussed how the popular X-Men character could appear in the MCU. Finding the right time Talking


James Mangold: Wolverine had to die in Logan for ‘closure’

Director James Mangold has explained why he decided to kill off Wolverine in the highly-acclaimed 2017 film Logan. Mangold said that being the third and final movie in the Wolverine trilogy, Logan had to bring viewers “closure,” and that killing off Wolverine seemed to be the best way of achieving it. Logan, directed by James

The Front Runner movie review: Its Hart is in the right place

I remember the Gary Hart affair. Hart and Donna Rice were on the news and SNL mocked him. If only 10-year-old Fred had a movie like The Front Runner to make him more informed. For one, I never knew what Hart’s policies were which is telling. I was only 10 but the affair was blasted

The Greatest Showman movie review: Flee this circus.

There’s already a musical about PT Barnum, so why didn’t they just make a movie of the musical Barnum? Because they wanted to have popular rock songs for today’s audience, but the songs in The Greatest Showman aren’t memorable enough to do the heavy lifting the film asks of them. The Greatest Showman has the

Movie review: Logan presents the definitive Wolverine on the big screen

The success of the Rated-R smash-hit Deadpool caused concern about the future state superhero movies. Already facing the hurdles of fatigue and saturation of superhero franchises, the kind of money that Deadpool made is the kind that makes the copycat industry of Hollywood latch on to the wrong things and leads short-sighted producers to believing