Ryan Reynolds shares epic dance video with Will Ferrell, Blake Lively drops cheeky comment

Ryan Reynolds poses at the premiere of Red Notice, and Blake Lively poses at The American Ballet Theatre Spring 2017 Gala
Blake Lively had a cheeky response to a video of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, dancing. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency/StarMaxWorldwide

Ryan Reynolds shared a video of him and Will Ferrell dancing on November 23, 2022 — which Reynold’s wife, Blake Lively, had her own cheeky response to.

The video captured Reynolds and Ferrell participating in a dance rehearsal for the film, Spirited. The two actors danced in casual clothes with a couple of other performers to festive music.

In the caption, Reynolds explained that he and Ferrell had to learn how to dance for Spirited. The dancing and singing were a necessity given that the film is a musical version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

While Reynolds and Ferrell are prominent actors, neither had performed in a musical film before. Based on Reynolds’ post, they didn’t find learning to dance to be an easy process.

However, Reynolds said that they were “willing to be bad at something” to give it a try and improve upon it. According to him, though, they only succeeded in being “slightly less bad” at dancing.

Despite the difficulties of dancing, Reynolds still shared the video in honor of all of the support Spirited has received.

Blake Lively reacted to Ryan Reynolds dancing

Reynolds shared the rehearsal video to his Instagram page and indicated that he was humbled by the love for Spirited. While the film premiered for a limited theatrical release on November 11, 2022, Reynolds was appreciative that the love was still coming in from Apple TV+, where the film enjoyed its streaming release on November 18.

While Reynolds’ post garnered many reactions, the funniest one came from his wife, Lively. She responded to the video in a comment that was very cheeky but still showed her support for him.

Blake Lively's comment on Ryan Reynolds' Instagram post
Pic credit: @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Lively posted the humorous reaction after recently announcing that she is expecting her fourth child with Reynolds. She first debuted her baby bump in September 2022 while attending the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit in New York City.

Later, Lively took to Instagram to verbally confirm her pregnancy and shared a few candid photos of her pregnancy.

Reynolds and Lively have been married since 2012 and have three daughters so far, Inez, Betty, and James. Reynolds indicated in a recent interview that their three little girls are all excited about the arrival of the fourth baby.

How Reynolds learned to dance for Spirited

While Lively made it clear that she’s impressed by Reynolds’ dancing skills, he has been a bit more critical of them. He also revealed that learning to dance was not an easy process.

During an interview with Big Issue, Reynolds admitted that he initially asked Hugh Jackman for dancing lessons. Jackman has proven to be a skilled singer and dancer in the past with his roles in Les Misérables and The Greatest Showman.

However, dancing came so naturally to Jackman that he couldn’t put himself in the shoes of a beginner. As a result, he would be telling Reynolds to dance to the beat, when Reynolds couldn’t even hear the beat.

While Jackman couldn’t help him out with the technical aspects of dancing, he did tell Reynolds to enjoy dancing. Reynolds took that advice to heart and it helped him get through the film.

In the end, he admitted that he did the best he could. He indicated that instead of being the “best” singer or dancer ever, he was just the best that he could personally be because that was all he could control.

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