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How old is Sir Cruse? Social media star tells TikTok followers he’s 54 not 29

Sir Cruse on YouTube
Sir Cruse teaches people how to do the 360 waves hairstyle on YouTube. Pic credit: @sircruse/YouTube

Sir Cruse, a YouTube and social media star, recently uploaded a TikTok video in which he reacted to claims on multiple celeb bio and facts pages that he is 29 years old.

A search engine query on Google about Sir Cruse’s age and birthday yields multiple web page results that claim that Sir Cruse was born on November 9, 1991, and that he is 29 years old.

However, the social media influencer took to TikTok yesterday to react to the Google search results that claim that he is 29 years old. He posted a short video to set the record straight about his age.

Sir Cruse reveals that he is 54 and not 29 years old

In the video uploaded to TikTok last night, Sir Cruse revealed he is 54 years old and not 29.

The social media star appeared in the video dressed in a blue suit with white stripes and a bow tie designed to resemble an apple eaten to expose the core.

Standing against the background of a Google search result stating that he is 29 years old, he calls out Google for offering misleading information about his age and birthdate.

“Hey, hey, hey Google where do y’all get this s**t from.. men?” Sir Cruse says. “I’m 54. Where do y’all get 29? I was born 1965, November 9th,” he said.

“That’s why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on internet,” he told his followers.

@realsircruseI’m 54 Not 29 ??‍♂️ ##sircruse ##360waves ##waveyhair ##wavey ##wavecheck ##google ##age ##google♬ wasted potential – chillytunees ♬

He posted the same message on Instagram.

Twitter fans debate Sir Cruse’s age

Some of Sir Cruse’s fans were surprised to learn that he is 54 years old. Some couldn’t believe it.

“Man still look like he jus hittin 40,” one Instagram fan wrote.

“R u actually 54 tho?” another fan asked with disbelief.

Fans made inquiries and debated his age on Twitter.

“How old y’all think he is?” one Twitter fan asked.

“Sir Cruse always look 22 and 46 at the same time,” another tweeted.

Who is Sir Cruse?

Sir Cruse is a social media star known for his 360 waves hairstyle. He uploads instructional videos on how to cultivate the 360 waves hairstyle.

Variations of the style include the 540 and 720 waves hairstyles.

He also uploads instructional videos on barbing, haircare, and personal grooming.

You can find him here on YouTube. Sir Cruse has more than 554,000 followers on YouTube.

You can also follow Sir Cruse here on TikTok, where he has more than 375,000 followers. Sir Cruse is also present on Instagram. He has 361,000 followers on the photo and video sharing platform.

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