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Belle Delphine’s YouTube account being terminated was a mistake

Belle Delphine
YouTube banned Belle Delphine’s account. Pic credit: @belle delphine/YouTube

Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner) took to Twitter yesterday (November 23) to ask @TeamYouTube why her account on the video-sharing platform was terminated without warning due to “sexual content.”

Delphine wanted to know why YouTube terminated her account when they continued to allow other graphic content such as rapper Cardi B’s WAP.

“hey @TeamYouTube why was my youtube account terminated with no warning/no strikes for ‘sexual content’ when you allow and promote songs like ‘W.A.P’? seems a lil sus.”

Reactions on Twitter

The hashtag #UnbanBelleDelphine began trending on Twitter after Delphine tweeted the inquiry to YouTube.

Fans and sympathizers took to Twitter to express support for Delphine and accused YouTube of double standards.

Belle Delphine
Pic credit: @bunnydelphine/Twitter

“Hey, so like…sexual content in music videos has always been very accepted on YouTube, WAP exists, Partition exists, countless music videos with sexual themes,” one of Delphine’s supporters tweeted. “Why are you banning Belle Delphine with no warning? @TeamYouTube you can’t pick and choose #UnbanBelleDelphine.”

Belle Delphine banned on Twitter
Pic credit: @DaisyBanaisy_/Twitter

YouTube did not immediately respond to Belle. So she returned a few hours later with a follow-up message.

“@TeamYouTube please explain to me why I was banned when I have done nothing different to ‘WAP’. This is my entire career. #UnbanBelleDelphine,” she tweeted.

YouTube reinstated Delphine’s account and apologized

YouTube reinstated Delphine’s YouTube account shortly after she posted her second inquiry.

She celebrated the reinstatement of her account with a message to her 1.2 million Twitter followers.

“MY YOUTUBE IS BACK AAAAAAAH f***c im so happy i could cry :,) THANKYOU @TeamYouTube for listening to me !!
Thankyou to everybody else who hugely helped as well.”

YouTube eventually tweeted an explanation of the incident earlier today.

The @TeamYouTube Twitter handle explained that Delphine’s account was terminated due to an error by the review team.

“Glad you saw your account has been reinstated,” @TeamYouTube wrote. “The termination was a mistake by the review team – we’re so sorry for the frustration this caused. We’ve sent you an email with more info.”

Belle Delphine shared details with YouTuber Kavos

Delphine talked to YouTuber Kavos about what happened.

She shared the email that YouTube sent informing her that her account had been terminated (see YouTube video below).

“We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our community guidelines your YouTube account has been suspended,” YouTube wrote in the message to Delphine.

According to YouTube, “Graphic sexual content that is meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed on YouTube.”

YouTube had previously removed one of Delphine’s videos for violating the platform’s sex and nudity policy.

YouTube told her at the time that because it was the first time they were only giving her a warning and that if it happened again, she would receive a strike.

A strike means that she would not be able to upload, post, or live stream on the platform.

She told Kavos that YouTube had allowed her to keep many of her videos by only imposing an age restriction.

She said that YouTube suddenly informed her, without a strike, that her account had been suspended after she uploaded a video that she claimed wasn’t any more graphic than Cardi B’s WAP music video.

She said that although she was not surprised that the video was removed she was shocked that her entire channel was taken down without warning.

The latest incident comes after Delphine took to Twitter on October 29 to announce that she was arrested by the Metropolitan Police.

She also tweeted a “mugshot” that she claimed was taken by the police.

Belle Delphine is an internet star

Belle Delphine is an internet star known for her NSFW content. She has 1.79 million subscribers on YouTube.

Delphine had millions of followers on Instagram. Monsters and Critics reported in July 2019 that Instagram banned her for violating their nudity guidelines.

However, Instagram has since reinstated her account as well. She currently has more than 568,000 followers on the platform.

Belle Delphine also has a Patreon account and an OnlyFans account where she shares exclusive NSFW content with her fans.

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