Gorilla Glue Girl goes to ER: Tessica Brown receives an outpouring of support on social media

Gorilla Glue Girl
TikToker Tessica Brown sprayed Gorilla glue in her hair. Pic credit: @im_d_ollady/Instagram

TikToker Tessica Brown, aka Gorilla Glue Girl, has checked herself into ER.

She checked into St. Bernard Parish Hospital in Louisiana after multiple unsuccessful attempts at home to wash out the Gorilla glue she sprayed in her hair.

Brown took to her Instagram and TikTok yesterday to share a photo of herself receiving treatment at the hospital.

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The photo (see below) shows her lying on her face in a hospital bed while a healthcare worker applies what appears to be softening lotion in her hair.

Gorilla Glue Girl is receiving an outpouring of support on social media

Brown has been receiving an outpouring of love and sympathy on social media since she shared her situation on social media.

Although some social media users posted snarky comments and made fun of her, most have been expressing concern and sympathy.

Tessica’s Instagram fans responded with positive messages of support and encouragement.

“We are all praying for you!!!! Sending positive vybes,” one Instagram follower wrote.

“Lord give her relief and healing. No scalp damage and the ability to grow hair still in life,” another wrote.

People have been anxiously awaiting updates on Brown’s condition after she shared the video (see below) in which she revealed that she put Gorilla glue spray in her hair and ponytail to keep the styling in place.

People are hoping and praying that she will find an easy remedy and be able to grow her natural hair again.

A few celebrities, including Chance the Rapper, also expressed sympathy.

Gorilla Glue manufacturer and dermatologists also offered advice

Before Tessica Brown checked into ER, people offered suggestions about how to wash the glue out of her hair.

The company that manufactures Gorilla Glue suggested she could rub alcohol into her hair and then comb it out with shampoo.

A dermatologist suggested she could break down the glue with acetone or use a product called Goo Gone.

She also revealed that she tried coconut and tea tree oil.

Tessica decided to try Gorilla glue after she ran out of her go-to hairspray

Tessica hit on the idea of spraying Gorilla Glue in her hair about a month ago after she ran out of her go-to hairspray, got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray.

Gorilla Glue spray is currently one of the most powerful adhesives on the market. It is designed for use in carpentry, building, and construction to permanently hold pieces of wood together.

Monsters and Critics reported that Tessica’s hair hardened and stuck fast to her scalp after she sprayed Gorilla Glue in it.

Gorilla Glue Girl got scared after she started having headaches

Brown took to her TikTok and Instagram to ask for help following multiple unsuccessful attempts to wash out the glue.

She told TMZ that she got scared and considered going to ER when she realized that her hair was getting harder and tighter and that she was having headaches. But instead of immediately going to ER, she decided to ask social media users for suggestions.

Looking distressed, she explained in the video that she has shampooed her hair more than 15 times but she couldn’t wash out the glue. Her hair remained hard and stuck to her scalp.

She tearfully advised her followers never to use Gorilla Glue as a hairspray.

Another TikTok user, Ava Louise, took to the video-sharing platform earlier in 2020 to share a video of herself licking a toilet seat. Another not-so-wise decision shown on the platform.

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