Ginger Zee fires back at hater who says she ‘needs’ plastic surgery and looks like ‘female Joe Biden’

ginger zee shared a selfie to her Instagram Story
Ginger handled some harsh criticism with grace. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

If anyone knows how to respond to criticism with class and grace, it’s Ginger Zee.

The Good Morning America meteorologist recently received harsh social media feedback.

Rather than give her critic a taste of their own medicine, she fired back in the most tactful way possible.

Ginger took to X (formerly Twitter) this week to upload a screenshot of a derogatory comment from someone named @littlebuddy50 on social media.

The comment seemingly came from one of Ginger’s Instagram posts, judging by the icons in the picture.

The disparager wrote in the comments of one of Ginger’s posts, “Someone needs plastic surgery.”

In response, Ginger asked, “Why?”

The hater replied, explaining that his comment was aimed at Ginger. The comment was quite nasty.

“Age is definitely catching up to you,” wrote @littlebuddy50.

“You look like a female Joe Biden,” they continued. “Like an avocado that’s been in the sun too long.”

Ginger’s clapback was perfect, and likely not the response the Instagram troll expected.

Ginger wasn’t bothered by her hater

In a caption above her screenshot, She called out @littlebuddy50, writing, “But I love avocados 😂😂😂.”

“Why is age such a negative thing? I thought we were changing that narrative?” Ginger continued. “Perhaps little buddy didn’t get the note?”

Even though @littlebuddy50 didn’t get the memo, Ginger’s X followers did, and they showered her with supportive comments.

“Oh Ginger I am always impressed when you respond with positive clap backs to these unhappy folks,” wrote @Madre193. “And o just love to watch them get buried by your fans. We got you, thank you for your inspiration and science!”

Ginger expressed her gratitude in her reply, commenting, “You know I appreciate you!”

Ginger finds plenty of support from her X followers

More of Ginger’s supporters showed up, calling @littlebuddy50’s comment “rude” and pointing out that aging is “proof of living” and a “good thing.”

“That’s exactly how I feel!” Ginger proclaimed.

ginger zee's supporters comment on X
Fans show up to support Ginger Zee. Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/X

Ginger spreads positivity to counteract her hater’s insults

Perhaps in a shade-throwing tactic aimed at @littlebuddy50, Ginger shared another comment from a follower shortly thereafter.

This time, Ginger’s follower had nothing but kind things to say about the ABC News chief climate correspondent.

“Appreciation posts are meant to brighten someone’s day & remind them of their value! Ginger you are simply a wonderful person! Sometimes we all need that reminder & today is yours!” expressed @JWilliamsMSUFan.

Ginger retweeted the post and thanked Mr. Williams for the acknowledgment.

“Look how wonderful positivity is to share ❤,” Ginger replied.

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