Ginger Zee’s fans are concerned for the GMA star as she struggles to speak, delivers forecast nearly hoarse

ginger zee snaps a beachfront selfie on twitter
Ginger has been under the weather lately, and her fans are concerned. Pic credit: @Ginger_Zee/X

Ginger Zee’s fanbase is loyal, and they are always looking out for the Good Morning America meteorologist.

This week, Ginger hasn’t been herself, as she’s seemingly been a bit under the weather.

During some of her recent forecast segments, Ginger’s fans noticed that her voice has been a bit croaky.

Ginger spoke about life-threatening heatwaves hitting the nation in recent weeks in a clip from ABC World News Tonight.

While the 43-year-old meteorologist delivered the news, her voice nearly cut out at moments, and she seemed to be struggling to speak.

Journalist David Muir even noted during Ginger’s recording, “Another sign of the season — allergies — and I know you’re battling through laryngitis. We sure do appreciate it.”

Ginger Zee is battling laryngitis

Ginger shook her head to acknowledge that David was correct about her diagnosis.

Over on her Instagram feed, Ginger was met with concern from GMA viewers who noticed she didn’t sound like her usual self in recent days.

Ginger posed for a photo alongside her GMA glam team in an Instagram post she captioned, “Love for my team.”

Despite feeling a bit unwell and not herself, the mom of two looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the photo, thanks to her hairstylist, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist.

In the comments section of her post, Ginger’s fans expressed concern after hearing her voice nearly give out on national television.

Ginger’s fans express concern for her well-being

“You look beautiful! But bless you, I could tell your voice is weak due to allergies,” noticed one of Ginger’s fans. “I hope you feel better soon!”

In response, Ginger commented with a red heart emoji.

Another one of Ginger’s fans asked, “Allergies? Heard your voice this AM. I can definitely relate.”

ginger zee's fans on instagram comment on her being hoarse
Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

“Yesssss,” Ginger responded, acknowledging that her allergies had her feeling unlike her usual self.

One concerned fan asked Ginger how her voice was this morning.

Instagram user @pfhawks called Ginger a “real professional” for battling through laryngitis over the past couple of days and still performing her meteorological duties.

Ginger continues to spread awareness about climate concerns

While Ginger continues to heal from laryngitis and battles seasonal allergies, she hasn’t let that halt her efforts to bring attention to climate issues on social media.

Most recently, Ginger took to X (formerly Twitter), where she discussed heat-related deaths reaching an all-time high.

Ginger reported in her post, “More people died from heat around the world in 2023 than ever recorded… and record number of heat deaths in places like Maricopa County, AZ. 645 people died from heat in that county alone just last year.”

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8 days ago

Ginger I love to listen to you when you do the weather. I hope you liked New Mexico when you were reporting from Taos NM. Hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself, drink some alucema tea for your throat. It’s a New Mexican thing, my dad always made the tea when my daughter when she was sick. Ginger you have such pretty eyes.

8 days ago

Ginger Z did not shake her head to acknowledge that she had laryngitis. She nodded her head to shake your head signifies that you do not agree While nodding your head signifies that you agree

jan pagel
jan pagel
7 days ago

why don’t you do what we all do and take allergy medicine??????