Fetty Wap breaks silence on FBI arrest and potential life sentence: ‘I’m on borrowed time’

Fetty Wap
Fetty Wap talks about his recent arrest for drug charges in a statement and video. Pic credit: ©

Fetty Wap posted a $500,000 bond following a federal arrest on serious drug charges earlier this month.

The Trap Queen rapper has broken his silence and is seemingly prepared to sit behind bars for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking ring.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the FBI arrested the 30-year-old rapper in October, with prosecutors alleging that he transported more than 100 kilos of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and crack across state lines.

The New Jersey rapper rose to prominence with his debut single Trap Queen utilizing a unique style of rapping and singing.

He followed up the success of the 2015 single with top-charting records such as 679 and My Way. However, he hasn’t been able to recreate his early success in recent years.

Nevertheless, Fetty released his second studio album, The Butterfly Effect, shortly before his arrest, teasing a comeback.

Fetty Wap breaks his silence following arrest: ‘I’m on borrowed time’

Fetty previewed his new music in a video and added a caption addressing his current predicament.

“Loyalty can be both a great trait and a deadly one … choose wisely with who you stand with but never change what you stand for Never bend Never Fold … Head up like a nose bleed #ImOnBorrowedTime if it ain’t life it ain’t forever I’ll be back better wiser and smarter … ??.”

It appears from the statement the rapper is prepared to do some time behind bars. However, the charges can land him in prison for life if convicted.

Fetty Wap’s bail conditions include GPS monitoring and random drug tests. In addition, the judge ordered the rapper to surrender his passport and seek approval before traveling.

In another video, he thanked his fans for their support and expressed optimism despite the serious charges and prosecutors’ strong evidence against him.

In the video, Fetty defiantly says, “never fold, never bend,” after he pled not guilty after his arrest last month.

Fetty romanticizes drug dealing in hit single

In Trap Queen, the melodic hit single that thrust the New Jersey native into the spotlight, he raps about selling drugs.

In the lyrics, he romanticizes drug dealing as he raps about teaching his ‘trap queen’ how to cook and sell drugs.

“She my trap queen, let her hit the bando We be counting up, watch how far them bands go We just set a goal, talking matching Lambos At 56 a gram, 5 a 100 grams though.”

However, prior to his recent charges, he has never been arrested for drug-related offenses.

He was arrested in 2017 for drunk driving and reckless endangerment, along with other charges related to the incident.

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