Fat Joe accused of hypocrisy for calling out Joe Rogan’s use of the N-word

Fat Joe versus Joe Rogan
Fat Joe has also been criticized throughout his career for use of the N-word. Pic credit: ©

Rapper Fat Joe is the latest person to criticize Joe Rogan for using the N-word. The controversial JRE host apologized after a video compiled his use of the racial slur went viral on social media.

The video surfaced after Rogan courted controversy with his take on the COVID-19 vaccine and the guests he invited on his popular podcast.

Several musicians, such as India Arie and podcasters, removed their content from Spotify due to Rogan’s use of racial slurs but primarily for his controversial guests.

Fat Joe blasts Joe Rogan and compares him to feces

The Bronx rapper Fat Joe posted an Instagram Live video criticizing Rogan: “This guy Joe Rogan, he’s a piece of s**t. Joe Rogan is a piece of s**t.”

The 51-year-old rapper also said he said he supports musicians taking their music off Spotify but will not join the protest.

“Shoutout to everyone that’s better than me and taking their music off of Spotify, I’m not. Because all my people know Joe will do charity, Joe will open a business in the hood and give out jobs, Joe will give computers to the school, but Joe got to get to the bag. Joe ain’t crazy,” he said, continuing:

“I’m not taking my music off Spotify but, Spotify is made up of black music whether its R&B, whether its rap, whether it’s trap, all that fall in there. Because our music is on that platform, and they make their money from black people, do you think it should be allowed for a guy to be talking racist s**t on their platform?”

Joe says he supports freedom of speech, citing his support of a bill to stop music lyrics from being used in court.

He called Joe Rogan’s comments disrespectful, adding that he couldn’t repeat what the JRE host said. The Lean Back rapper also said Joe Rogan’s kids “shouldn’t love him,” calling him a “foul guy” in the long rant.

Twitter calls Fat Joe a hypocrite for criticizing Rogan

Several people on social media called Fat Joe a hypocrite due to his use of the N-word in his music.

“The irony of Fat Joe a non black man who loves to say n***a attacking Joe Rogan for doing the exact same thing. The audacity…” a person wrote in reaction to the video.

Another person used a meme to call out Fat Joe, writing: “Fat Joe trying to call out Joe Rogan.”

Another social media dweller shared a clip of Fat Joe defending non-black people using the N-word in a VladTV interview, adding:

“Fat Joe defending white people using the N word. Dude been handing out N word passes to my people left and right…now, he has a problem with @joerogan using it? ?.”

The rapper defended his use of the N-word, citing his Puerto Rican heritage, and says he has been called the N-word “since he was born,” Before adding: “I’m not a white guy.”

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Stop saying N word.