Fans think Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant after pictures of her walking in New York

Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Some fans are saying that Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant. Pic credit: ©

Twitter is abuzz with rumor and speculation that Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant.

Some fans took to the social media platform to share pregnancy rumors about Lawrence after pictures of her walking in New York surfaced.

Lawrence was seen on Monday — the first time in six months — walking in New York City with her art dealer husband Cooke Maroney.

A widely circulated picture (see below) showed the couple together, each wearing a mask and carrying a bottle of wine.

Lawrence, 30, was wearing a silk slip dress with a floral design and white sneakers. Maroney, 36, was casually dressed in a white t-shirt, tan khaki pants, and blue sneakers.

Lawrence and Maroney, who tied the knot in October 2019, were last seen together in late February, just before the coronavirus lockdown started.

Jennifer Lawrence photo
Pic credit: @JenniferUpdates

Jennifer Lawrence pregnancy rumors started after the photo surfaced

The pregnancy rumors started soon after the picture of The Hunger Games star and her husband surfaced online.

The photo shows no clear signs that Lawrence is pregnant. However, some curious fans who scrutinized the picture thought they saw signs of early pregnancy.

They took to social media to say that Lawrence was pregnant. This sparked pregnancy rumor-mongering, speculation, and debate that ran rampant on social media platforms, especially Twitter.

A few Twitter fans shared a photo that showed a woman resembling Lawrence wearing a white dress and claimed the picture showed Lawrence with a baby bump.

“Is Jennifer Lawrence pregnant? That white linen dress really shows a preggers belly,” a fan tweeted.

Pic credit: @ineedsxmething/Twitter

Some Twitter users tried to shut down the rumors

However, many fans tried to shut down the rumors, saying the picture of Lawrence with Maroney doesn’t show any evidence of pregnancy.

Some fans insisted that Lawrence wouldn’t be purchasing alcohol if she was pregnant, while others argued that instead of spreading rumors, people should wait for Lawrence to announce her pregnancy first.

“EVEN if Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant, spreading rumors without any confirmation is a horrible thing,” one fan tweeted.

“How y’all believing Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant when she was literally photographed buying alcohol two days ago,” another tweeted.

“Jennifer Lawrence isn’t pregnant until she announces that she’s pregnant shut the f**k fr,” a third fan tweeted.

Jennifer Lawrence pic
Pic credit: @melokordei/Twitter

Pregnancy rumors have swirled around Lawrence since she tied the knot

Jennifer Lawrence has been at the center of pregnancy rumors and speculation since she tied the knot with Cooke Maroney in October 2019.

Tabloids carried a rumor last October that Lawerence pushed her wedding date forward from December to October to hide her pregnancy.

The tabloid NW claimed that a source close to the actress said:

“Their wedding was actually meant to be in mid-December originally, so the buzz is they pulled the ceremony forward to accommodate the bub.”

However, other tabloid websites, including Gossip Cop, claimed to have investigated the rumor and found it false.

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