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Don’t come for Madonna! Nelly blasted by fans after telling Material Girl to cover up

singer madonna and hip hop artist nelly
Fans called out Nelly after he commented about Madonna’s latest photo series. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency & StarMaxWorldwide

It’s getting hot online for Nelly, as the rapper is getting called out after suggesting pop legend Madonna needed to cover herself up.

The Country Grammar artist commented on the Material Girl’s photo series in which she showed off her different sides, including her backside in fishnets and a thong.

Once Nelly’s comments about the 63-year-old music icon arrived online, it prompted many fans to fire back at his remarks about the singer.

Madonna shared photo series on Instagram

Singer Madonna is known for being stylish and provocative, and it seems that’s what she’s continued to embrace even into her 60s. Last week, she shared a series of images on her official Instagram showing herself dressed and undressed.

There was a theme to the photo series, as she called it, “Car trouble” in her caption with related emojis, including tools, a car, and a red light.

In the first several photos, the singer is posing in only a black hat, lingerie, and boots. However, she’s a bit more covered up after that, wearing a stylish black jacket adorned with gold stars, tassels on the shoulders, and “God Save the Queen” written in gold on the back.

The eighth photo in the series also attracted plenty of attention as the Vogue singer has her jacket raised, revealing her derriere for the provocative picture.

That caused a commotion as many fans commented on the image, including hip-hop artist Ja Rule. However, it’s unknown if he was laughing at her or with her as she got everyone’s attention.

“How can you not love Madonna lol,” the Always on Time rapper commented, grabbing over 400 Likes and counting.

ja rule comments about madonna ig photo series
Pic credit: @madonna/Instagram

However, when Instagram account @theshadreoom shared the singer’s photo series, Nelly decided to jump into the mix with his thoughts on the matter.

“Something’s should just be left covered up .. 🤦🏽‍♂️,” he commented, which got him over 33,000 Likes for the suggestion.

nelly tells madonna cover up on ig photo series
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

Nelly’s comment drew plenty of backlash

Nelly, known for the hit songs Hot in Herre and Shake Ya Tailfeather, may have received a lot of people agreeing with his comment, but many others called out the rapper for what he said about Madonna.

“not another man minding a woman’s business come on now Nelly,” one fan replied to the rapper.

fan comments about nelly madonna remark
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

“Says the man who made it off of naked women’s bodies in videos. When a man ain’t benefiting from your sexual freedom its a problem,” a fan said in chastising Nelly for his remark.

fan reacts to nelly in madonna instagram series comments
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagrarm

“She’s Madonna she can do wtf she wants,” another fan told Nelly in the comments.

fan reacts nelly comment to madonna ig post
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

“Shut up Nelly. Unlike you, she is an icon. You still doing little club performances,” an individual replied to the rapper.

fan reacts to nelly madonna comment on instagram
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

Another Instagram commenter asked Nelly if it made him “feel good to tear down older women” and reminded the 47-year-old he’s not exactly young either.

instagram user tells off nelly for tearing down older women
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

By the way, Nelly isn’t the first hip-hop star to make remarks about the pop icon. Another Madonna photo series brought a comment from rapper 50 Cent late last year.

“yo this is the funniest s**t LOL. That’s Madonna under the bed trying to do like a virgin at 63. She shot out, if she don’t get her old a** up,” 50 commented on her photo, per Page Six.

That brought a response back from the Queen of Pop, though, as she shared a photo of herself with 50, suggesting he was “pretending” to be her friend in the pic.

According to CNN, 50 Cent apologized for his comments this past December. Soon after, Monsters & Critics reported that Madonna indicated she wasn’t accepting 50’s “fake apology.”

Wonder if Madonna will clap back at Nelly too, or she’ll choose to simply ignore him rather than give any more publicity to the rapper?

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