Doja Cat gets roasted for mocking Amber Heard’s viral meme from court testimony

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Doja Cat pokes fun at Amber Heard’s testimony meme. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency/Ron Sachs/CNP/AdMedia

Doja Cat managed to get Twitter to defend Amber Heard after she mocked a viral meme from the defamation trial.

The Aquaman actress has often been the target of mockery and trolling on social media, particularly during the six-week courthouse showdown between her and her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

This mockery comes after the Say So singer was criticized for beefing with 17-year-old Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp over leaked DM’s about his costar, Joseph Quinn.

Doja Cat put on blast over mimicking Amber Heard

Doja Cat took to TikTok to share a video in which she poked fun at Amber Heard’s court testimony.

“it’s honestly hella sad cuz like she is a puppy, my dog, and I have had her for like a week and a half, maybe two weeks now,” she said in the TikTok clip.

“She was running on the grass and stepped on a bee,” Doja said before flashing a grin. “You know what time it is!”

She then repeated the meme twice, seemingly mocking Amber Heard’s facial expression.

While social media posts clowning Amber Heard are often well-received, Twitter made an exception with Doja Cat.

One Twitter user criticized some of the pop star’s recent controversies.

“doja cat will work with dr luke, message an underage stranger things cast member to hook her up with his cast mate who is pushing 30, and now she mocks amber heard’s sexual assault testimony. absolute garbage person,” the tweet read.

Another social media user seemingly referenced the singer’s 2020 leaked chatroom footage, in which was accused of stripping for white supremacists and using racist insults to appease their incel community. Doja denied the allegations in an Instagram Live shortly after the backlash.

“Doja cat making fun of Amber heard’s SA testimony…she’s really like an incel it’s crazy.”

An Amber Heard fan took issue with Doja mocking her testimony about sexual assault allegations.

“Doja cat mocking amber heard talking about the sexual assault she went through is so disgusting like she knows she has a platform that many young women follow her on and this is what she does with it? i am literally so disappointed.”

The singer was also accused by a social media user of using her massive TikTok following to harass the Aquaman actress.

“The fact that she has one of the biggest platforms on tik tok and it’s being used to further mock and humiliate amber heard. @DojaCat educate yourself and delete.”

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Pic credit: @Seiolfur/@yerigatekeeper/@photonblasters/Twitter

Amber Heard’s viral meme explained

The 36-year-old actress went viral on TikTok during the defamation trial after she told the jury “my dog stepped on a bee,” while detailing an alleged sexual assault by Depp.

Heard’s facial expression after making the viral quote spawned numerous reenactments and edits, which spread on social media.

Doja Cat appears a bit late in joining the fun, as its viral peak was over a month ago.

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