Stranger Things: Doja Cat slams Noah Schnapp for sharing their private messages

Doja Cat
Doja Cat went off on Noah Schnapp for sharing their private messages. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Eddie Munson quickly became a fan favorite by Stranger Things viewers, and his actor, Joseph Quinn, gained a lot of attention for how he played the role.

While fans gush over the former Game of Thrones actor, it’s not just everyday people who think he’s attractive— it’s celebrities, too.

Rapper Doja Cat has made it clear that she finds Joseph very attractive and tried to find a way to get his contact info. Unfortunately, the whole situation blew up in her face.

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Doja Cat asks Noah Schnapp for Joseph Quinn’s contact info

When the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 dropped, Doja took to Twitter to make her feelings known, writing, “Joseph Quinn fine as s**t.”

However, it seems the musician was at a loss as to how to move forward with her new crush.

Doja Cat's tweet about Joseph Quinn
Pic credit: @DojaCat/Twitter

Ultimately, she chose to reach out to his costar Noah Schnapp to see if Noah would ask Joseph to hit Doja up.

She opened, “Noah can u tell Joseph to [hit me up]. wait no. does he have a [girlfriend]?”

Noah responded, “LMAOO slide into his dms,” but Doja revealed she didn’t know his social media accounts to message him herself, so Noah sent her the link to Joseph’s Instagram page.

Noah posted the screenshots to TikTok in a since-deleted video, and Doja wasn’t thrilled that the private messages were put out for everyone to see.

Doja Cat calls out Noah Schnapp for posting their private messages

After the video was posted, Doja took to her Instagram on Thursday to go live and express that she wasn’t thrilled with the way the situation was made public for everyone to see.

She noted that they should “be chill about it” as “Noah is a kid.” She said she wasn’t entirely sure how old Noah was, but “there’s no way he’s over 21.” She continued, “But when you’re that young, you make mistakes.”

She did, however, call Noah “unbelievable socially unaware and whack” for posting their private messages on his very public TikTok account.

She added, “Maybe he is, like a whole snake. But I didn’t see him that way. I made an assumption that he was gonna be chill about it and he went and shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable with him sharing.”

Though there hasn’t been a public response from Noah, he did delete the video. Hopefully, the two are able to move past this and maintain a professional relationship if nothing else. For now, it seems like Doja might not be asking anyone else for Joseph Quinn’s info.

Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.

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